Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Naked

This post is part of The Sunday Creative at Life Set to Words. This week's prompt is naked.

Summer slips through my fingers so quickly every year.

Because we had an exceptionally warm spring, summer strutted in earlier than expected -- somewhere around April.

So we dove in head first, bathing in the sunshine and warm breezes.

I barely had time to switch the winter jackets for shorts or prepare for the beginning of the busy season, with entire afternoons spent with friends at the park and long weekends spent at the lake.

And before I even realized it, the end of July sauntered in, and now I'm standing here looking at my naked toes wondering how it's possible that I'm still sporting my unpolished, ungroomed winter feet while donning sandals.

At least I wonder for only about five seconds ...

It might have something to do with this.

Oh, yeah. And probably this.

It's really hard to paint your nails when when your hands are always busy ... capturing moments, holding little hands, cradling small bodies, digging in dirt, typing, making meals to fill endless appetites, washing the clothes that live through the digging in the dirt.

It's no wonder the toes get neglected when the hands are just so full, when the heart is just bursting from living in the every day moments.

{And, YES, that IS Baby E. walking -- just a few weeks shy of eleven months.}


  1. Such a SWEET post!! Your momma toes still look cute to me : ) Mine are unpolished too. *sigh* Oh well, right? Right!

    Lots of love to you, H!

  2. I think unpolished beats chipped polish anyday. :)

  3. Baby E looks so happy walking! Our toes have been made to chase babies for a while, there will always be time to polish later!

  4. Oh, he is NOT walking! Oh my, where does the time go? By the way, I tried calling you today. I was having a rough day, but my perspective is a little better now and tomorrow will be a new day. I'd love to talk if you have a chance this week, especially to catch up on our bible study. Love you, friend!

  5. I was just going to scream: "He's WALKING?!" That little turkey.

  6. I agree with Robin. My toes and fingers are outrageously chipped, and yet I keep forgetting in the mess of the day to take it off. I put it on for a wedding, months ago. If it's completely naked, it doesn't look like you *tried* and yet failed. :)

  7. Back to My Clan for a rewrite. I, too, was writing about my naked toes but it would not compare to this great post. Maybe I'll stick with poetry.

    Love the pictures and really wish we could go get that pedicure together.

  8. Aww..I love those first steps! That is a great excuse for unpainted toe nails.

  9. Love your take on the prompt and your toes are cute! I found time to polish mine before vacation, now I have chipped polish since my hands have been to busy to take it off...I agree with a previous post, unpolished beats chipped polish anyday!

  10. Oh, those pictures of the baby walking makes me miss those days. I like how you took a prompt like "naked" and turned it into a nod to summer slipping by too fast.

  11. Wow - not even 11 months and already walking. That's impressive. My Little Miss started the day before her first birthday.

    And those hydrangeas are just gorgeous. So envious of your green thumb :)

    Great post in response to the prompt.

  12. I had a thought about naked feet for this post too. Then I looked at the remnants of my pedicure that I actually had time for back in May and then I looked at the ridiculously long toe nails of my son because he refuses to sit still to get them clipped... Great shots.

  13. Baby E is walking!!! SO COOL! The summer does seem to sneak up on us.

  14. Look at him go!!! :)
    And yes... I only started painting my toes again recently... last summer I didn't bother! Too much going on!

  15. My first one walked that early and the second one took his time!

    You are one busy mama, aren't you? Here's to unpolished mama toes!

  16. so cute!

    my toes are polished, but with the same polish that's been on for what has to be 3 months now. It's not pretty. LOL

  17. Yeah... you should see my toes right about now. I'm pathetic :)

    I love your confidence in taking pictures of the walking. When Little Miss started (granted she was my precocious physical one and was doing it way early), I tried knocking her down instead :)


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