Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bigger Picture Moment: The very best gift

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The monkey rain coat was, no doubt, a favorite.

And the tent and adjoining tunnel also made for squeals and eruptions of laughter.

The brand-new shoes were worn from the time he sprung from his bed early yesterday morning until he crashed late last evening after celebrating all day his third birthday.

But the presents weren’t the best part of the day for him.

And, surprisingly, even the pizza and donuts in lieu of PB&J and cake surely didn’t rank number one in his eyes.

What mattered most to my green-eyed, energetic boy?

The guys.

A few of his favorite men -- his papa {my grandpa}, his Buba {John’s dad} and his daddy -- all made it a point to come and celebrate his birthday during the middle of the day in the middle of a work week.

And, though he loves his mommy and grandmas and his aunts, and he’s always delighted to see them, it’s undeniable the spark of love, the awe of respect, the glimmer of excitement that radiates across his sun-kissed face when he’s with these men who’ve clearly taken the time to minister to his little-boy heart {even if that ministering has been through tractor rides, Culver’s lunch dates and wrestle-mania sessions before bed}.

There’s nothing that can replace a father, a grandpa, a great grandpa in a little boy’s life.

I’m so glad he was able to celebrate with three of those men in person on his very special day.

And we’re so fortunate that he’ll be celebrating with two of his other great grandpas at his actual birthday party in a few weeks.

Because rain coats will become too small. And play forts won’t always be so fun. And shoes will someday wear thin.

But he’ll always, always have the love of his father and grandfathers in his heart fueled by memories of the men who took the time to shape it.

{We missed you, dad, especially on G.’s third birthday. I wish you could see the little boy he’s becoming; I know you’d be so very proud.}


  1. What a sweet post -- and so true. I think little boys and little girls both need that special relationship with a father, grandfather, great-grandfather (or a father-like figure who loves them to pieces). There's no replacement.

  2. The whole time I was reading this I thought about your dad. My kid's birthdays are always hard on me for the same reason. Happy early Birthday to your beautiful little boy.

  3. What a beautiful post! That's what its all about, people...the people in our life that help shape it! Happy Birthday to your little one! BTW That tunnel and tent is a hit here too and I too dress my guys alike, they are easier to spot when they are playing with other kiddos! I just spot the two green shirts!

  4. Happy Birthday Little Man! What a wonderful post. I too was thinking about your Dad. xoxo

  5. what a wonderful post. Family is what is most important and often have to remind myself of how lucky I am that my children have plenty of family around to love them up.

  6. How sweet and fun and happy for G! I agree...the men in our children's lives do play very special and important roles!

  7. What a beautiful post! Very true that the men in a little boys life, play such a huge role. Happy Birthday to G. The picture of the boys dressed alike are adorable.

  8. I was smiling, smiling, smiling - I LOVE this post. And then you made me almost cry. So gorgeous.

    Happy third birthday!

  9. That was a very sweet post. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  10. He's so precious! I'm glad he had a happy birthday with his men (and everyone else too)!

  11. aww, my eyes are all misty. love the tender picture of all the men taking off work to celebrate your little man, the main event:)

    what a blessing to have so many generations!

  12. You are so very blessed to have so many loving men for your boys. Our heart aches all the time at all that my son is missing by not having those relationships.


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