Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogging About Blogging: Friendship

I'm feeling a little bit like a school girl, here, lately with all the blushing and shy smiling I've been doing.

I swear, every time I open my computer lately I see a kind tweet, find encouraging words left for me in the comments here like tiny little packages waiting to be unwrapped or read a sweet e-mail from one of the wonderful women I've come to know through blogging but have never had the pleasure of squeezing in person.

Two very talented women recently gifted me with two separate blogging awards.

Normally, I feel too self conscious to accept the awards, but honestly, I just cannot hold back: I really want to pass these awards on to a few women who've really taken the time to extend their hands of friendship here in these online spaces we call home.

Justine, in her hundredth post, awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

She is an amazing writer who is thoughtful, thought-provoking and quick on the wit with her sense of humor. And I'm oh-so lucky because she actually lives in Chicago, which means I can take her our for coffee {cream for her, but no sugar} sometime in the very near future.

Brooke, a new-to-me blogger who captures amazing moments through her camera lens, bestowed unto me the Cherry on Top Award.

Brooke has such an eye for capturing the most perfect moments and the emotion of a scene. I've been reading her regularly not only because she has spectacular pictures, but also because we share many sames -- we're both mom to two boys and we both yearn to take our creativity to new levels.

Of course, there are a few rules for accepting both awards. Thankfully, they are pretty similiar.

The first is to thank the person who gave the award.

So, thank you, really and truly, Brooke and Justine. It's not just an award; it's really the hand of friendship in gifting me an award that makes my heart explode with gratitude for you two and for the friendships blogging brings.

The Beautiful Blogger Award requires me to list seven things about myself my readers don't know. The Cherry On Top Award only asks for three things about me as well as a picture.

So seven {three} things about me you most likely didn't know ...

1. This blogging thing, well, it's so much more than I ever thought it would be when I first signed into blogger, picked a template and started writing. I didn't know anyone would read my blog. I didn't know anyone who even blogged. But I desperately needed a creative outlet. So when G. was four months old, I began this little old blog under the name The Scoop on Poop and Other Mama Dramas. Now, here I am with blogging friends almost 600 posts and nearly three years later!

2. I like to drink out of ceramic cups. I don't know why. I just like them more than glass or plastic. In the summer, I use one of the cups from the set my favorite journalism professor bought John and me for our wedding. In the winter, I use this ceramic mug I found as part of a set I intentionally broke up and gifted to my four college roommates our junior year.

3. While I was in college, my roommate and I wrote {and played songs} ... and I never admit this, but they were actually really good. He played the guitar and sang backup while I took the vocal lead. We used to have little concerts on our rented college home's huge front porch during the summer, and our friends would come over and listen to our musical ramblings for hours on end. I still sing these songs to my kiddos, but I will never sing them for my husband, much to his dismay.

4. I rearrange furniture in my living room every time I get the urge to move into a new house, which is about five or so times per year. We've been living here for about two and a half years ... and this is pretty close to the longest I've ever lived in one place.

5. Before this year, I'd only managed to keep one poor spider plant alive EVER. My spider plant was given to me during my senior year of college, and I've nursed it back from near death at least 10 times each year during the past five years. Don't ask how I was able to go from barely keeping one plant alive to gardening an entire brigade of tomatoes. I just don't know.

6. I broke my first engagement ring while I was walking during the middle of night at our university's first-ever Relay for Life just five days after John proposed. John had the ring custom designed {with a specific diamond he hand picked} so the diamond floated on the prongs above the rest of the band. My hand knocked into a brick wall and loosened the diamond. He and I then went to the jeweler and he picked out the most unique band and setting I've ever seen. And it holds the same diamond he hand-picked when he first decided he wanted to marry me.

7. Vacuuming makes my heart flutter. I find immense joy in sucking dirt off of the floor. It's strange, but it's true. Vacuums also put me to sleep. We think this might have to do with the fact that my mother used to turn on the vacuum cleaner to soothe me when I was a baby. I'm the human experiment about which Pavlov dreamed.

Now for the fun part-- gift other bloggers with the award! The Beautiful Blogger Award asks me to pick five new-to-me bloggers, while the Cherry on Top award just requests I pass it on to five others. So here are just a FEW of the women who've spoken to my heart or mind lately ...

The Beautiful Blogger Awards go to ...

Stacy from Delighting Days

Suzannah from So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter

Christine from Coffees and Commutes

Alita from DaMainiacs

Sarah from Mama Sarahandipity

The Cherry on Top Awards go to ...

Julie from Four Sons {Julie is one of my longest-enduring blogging friends. I think she gets extra props for that!}

Sharon from Hiking Toward Home

Jill from Clearest Glimpse

Kristina from A Joy Walk

Rose from My Clan

I hope you'll stop by and visit some of these thoughtful, talented ladies. You won't be sorry. In fact, I bet they'll surround you with so much love while you're getting to know each other that you'll find yourself giggling like a school girl while at your computer, too.

And lastly, I leave you with a favorite shot, as requested by the Cherry On Top Award. {And it's straight out of the camera -- as inspired by the lovely Brooke in her latest Bigger Picture Moment.}

{And thank you for reading this very long love letter-ish post. You deserve an award for just that.}


  1. oh my goodness, I just love you. Not only b/c you gifted me such a sweet award (thank you!), but because you share my furniture re-arranging fetish! I am a chronic mover as well and now that we're relatively settled, I have to rearrange the furniture every few months or I get twitchy.

    I'm so happy to have found your blog and feel so lucky to be able to share some space in the blogosphere with you. You are hilarious and thoughtful and so, so very genuinely kindhearted. xoxoxo

  2. thank you, sweet friend! finding your voice here has been such a blessing to me:)

    i stumbled into blogging similarly when my first babe was tiny. i didn't know anything about blogging either and just needed an outlet--and the community has been such a felicitous side benefit. (trying to explain it to people offline makes me feel like a huge nerd:)

    i like vacuuming, too, but my baby is terrified of it. i'm constantly trying to balance my desire to vacuum errant silly bandz and other such hazards with my desire not to terrorize my baby. the clutter is winning.

  3. You are so deserving of these! I have to commend you - from spider plant to a full blown edible garden? Wow! That gives me hope.

    And hopefully someday you'll unearth that rocker mama and we'll be lucky enough to hear you sing.

    Also the vacuuming but cracked me up. Do you fall asleep while vacuuming? Ten points to Pavlov for this one for sure.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I love getting to know these random tidbits about people, but especially if they're my friends. Can't wait for our first coffee...

  4. Aw, thanks so much! And believe me when I say I have not endured anything. It has been a joy to spend time in your writings.

  5. You are so sweet, and the feeling is mutual. I'm quite often taken off guard by the how important my blogging relationships have become and how kind and supportive other bloggers are. What a magical place - especially with someone like you in it!

    For the record, I am so a ceramic coffee mug kind of person. And I'm the type of person who has to have my coffee in a very specific mug or it just doesn't taste right!

    Also, I used to have a house full of plants. Since I had my boys, I'm down to two. Well that's not exactly honest, I'm down to one and one needs to be disposed of. I'm not sure what that says of my parenting skills.


  6. Thank you dear Hyacynth! You surpised me and really made my day :)

    I am very happy to have discovered your blog. I enjoy my time here every visit!

    You have such a generous and loving spirit. It really shows through your writing.

    I am also a ceramic cup/mug drinker. Don't be too jealous when I tell you that my wonderful mother-in-law is an excellent potter and makes them for me :) I have been thinking about posting some pictures of her work on my blog. It is beautiful.

    I'm looking forward to visiting the other bloggers you mentioned.

    Maybe one day can sing you hubby a song for his birthday gift or something :)

  7. First- 3 years! I hope to be blogging for 3 years. I, too, wasn't even sure what I wanted when I started to blog except somewhere to put down my overpowering creative juices. Actually to be honest I didn't really start taking more creative pictures until I starting bloggin it. Originally I just wanted a place to write my poetry. Ha ha...

    Second- My mama used a vacuum to lull me to sleep as well. She suggested the same thing so that my babes would be able to sleep while I got all the cleaning done around the house. SAHM's unite, vacuuming is the key to success.

    You are so deserving of these delightful awards. Your blog is so sincere, thoughtful, creative, and warm. Thank you for passing this award on to me. So sweet! I'm trying to change all my pages around (about, blog love, camera stuff) so I can't wait to do something more bloggy fun. :)

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  9. Hyacynth - thank you for the honor of the award...what a delightful surprise! And I was thrilled to hear about the joy the vacuum cleaner gives you - I'm not sure there's any household task that bring me more pleasure. :) So glad we've connected

  10. Wonderful and well-deserved. You are always such an inspiration. Sorry for being absent, I have been buried in Mortal Muses html programming. LOL! I am so far behind on my blog reading, I may never catch up. :) Hugs. Tam

  11. I agree with everyone else. This place called the blogosphere is magical and inviting and full of wonder people I feel lucky to "know."

    Love that pic, too!

  12. Oh my goodness I love to rearrange my furniture too!! Sadly we are in a house that makes that impossible... it is too small for all our junk and so the furniture is where it fits and so there is no moving it. :-(
    Love certain coffee cups too. I collect them because they make 'useful' memories.
    I also like vacuuming.. and the lines it makes on the rug, makes it seem more clean, though I probably isn't... and I often suck up those tiny legos, thankfully my bagless lets me search and rescue through all that, cough, cough...dust.
    Thank you for the award, you are a sweet sister in Christ.
    Thank you for your friendship. :-)


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