Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyday Life: An art lesson

Alternately titled A Simple Step-by-Step Lesson in What NOT to do When Crafting with Your 3 Year Old

Step 1. Realize 3 year old received some really cool stickers for his birthday.

Step 2. Ask 3 year old if he'd like to make a galaxy picture with his new super-cool-glittery-foam stickers.

Step 3. Realize that as 3 year old is applying said super-cool-glittery-foam stickers to a sheet of paper that said super-cool-glittery-foam stickers actually can be made into super-cool-glittery-foam-3D stickers.

Step 4. Realize that super-cool-glittery-foam-3D stickers are actually interchangeable, thus enabling you eeeeer your 3 year old to mix and match the glittery colors on each sticker.

Step 5. Become completely creatively and emotionally invested in the construction of the galaxy with the super-cool-glittery-foam-3D-interchangeable color stickers.

Step 6. Cry out in agony and horror and defeat when 3 year old rips two of the super-cool-glittery-foam-3D-interchangeable color rocket stickers off out of the galaxy in order to fly them around the living room and dining room.

Step 7. Weep over the fact that your {eerrrr your 3 year old's} only creative endeavor in weeks has been destroyed by a renegade artist and his desire to propel rockets into the depths of the final frontier in your living room.

Step 8. Choke back the tears as your 3 year old shows daddy his beautiful galaxy that you tried to patch back together with other orbiting planets and the formerly sticky rockets and resist the urge to explain how cool the galaxy was before the rogue rockets were catapulted from the page.

A Step by Step Guide to RECOVERING from a Epic Disaster Craft Session with Your 3 Year Old:

Step. 1 Abandon ship and head straight for coffee shop to let some of the creative juices you've been stifling for weeks flow.



  1. LOL! Thanks for this laugh on this SUPER LONG TUESDAY!

  2. Glad you all enjoyed them.

    Anyone looking for these...they are from Wal-Mart and there are girly options...rockets were the only boy one out like 6 variety packs!

  3. Thank you Hy and Colleen. This may turn into a craft for Yaya's house this weekend!

  4. Hahaha- that is too funny. It is very hard for me to keep my hands off my kid's art projects. I just want to "help!"

  5. ha ha! Crafting w/ a 3-4 y/o totally makes me twitchy. It is sooo hard to let them do the work when you see it becoming an indecipherable mess. I love the way you tell it! It does not feel funny while it's going on! LOL

  6. This made me smile BIG and laugh VERY HARD!!! I think I may have witnessed Déjà vu via your blog subject. Except it was pirates and not rocket ships.

    Ha ha ha... Thank you for the laugh.

  7. Ha! I know...it's a sure fire sign that you need some time for your own stuff when you become emotionally invested in your toddler's art project! Been there!

  8. Love it! It sounds like you need a trip to Hobby Lobby, all by yourself!

  9. Oh Hyacynth, I totally understand. I want that order and that coolness of having stuff done ummmm right. But it drives the wee ones nuts. I now back out of the room and let them do what they're going to do. So long as they clean up after themselves once they're done.


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