Monday, August 23, 2010

Everyday Life: Knees

I noticed last night as I nursed Baby E. to sleep that his body stretched much further down my body than it did just even a few short weeks ago.

His feet were dancing next to my knees ... when not so long ago they were tickling my stomach.

I'm not shocked by babies growing and getting older in general.

I know they change so quickly and the days of babyhood are fleeting.

But the season of babyness seems so much shorter with the second.

And I didn't anticipate that.

I'd had my finger on it, but it didn't really click until Julie pointed out that her youngest always seems older than he is because he's trying to keep up with his older brother.

And you know, that's exactly what is happening here, too.

My little one isn't totally fixated on me like my first born was because his world is so much wider with having a big brother.

Baby E doesn't know life without an older, rambunctious brother.

He's always been delighted at the very sight of G., and he's constantly been just a few steps behind since he's been able to move.

Truth be told, I think he started walking at 10.5 months solely to keep up with his brother.

I understand.

He simply cannot keep up with a fun older brother if he's busy being a baby, so the babyness has got to go.

And that doesn't just leave his feet touching my knees while he nurses ...

it leaves my knees hitting the floor, praying for my heart to be just a little stronger, a little more resilient as my second baby grows.

Because really, I can't fight the thought that I went to sleep next to a baby and woke up next to {another} toddler earlier than I ever expected.

so much shouting, so much laughter


  1. Beautiful - as always. I love how you segued from his feet touching your knees to your knees hitting the ground. And those pictures are adorable. Babies and pets are a lethal combo :)

  2. "it leaves my knees hitting the floor, praying for my heart to be just a little stronger, a little more resilient as my second baby grows." i got a little teary!

    everything does go so much faster with the second. i feel like a blinked and he's almost one. there is something so sweet about nursing a toddler, tho--that is something in which to rejoice:)

    thanks so much for linking (it is finally up, btw...)

  3. I know this feeling. That toddler was me trying to keep up with my older sister and then Bella keeping up with Javi.

    Resilience and observation and living in the moment keep me sane as my baby years get further away.

  4. I so get this! my baby's babyhood has gone by so, so much faster. and it's just as you said, he's trying to keep up with his big brother. Lovely post

  5. ah, enver thought of that before.

    i guess it takes mindfulness of those first years to a whole new level.

  6. The baby years move my so quickly. You bring tears to my eyes when I think of those moments too. Enjoy those beautiful boys as they explore, grow, and flourish under the wonderful love and care of you and your husband. When they get older, they are going to be so blown away by these beautifully written and felt posts Hyacynth. I wish I could write with such heart and soul. My kids will probably say, "Geez Mom, all your posts were so sarcastic." LOL.

  7. Yup, it happens when we least expect it. Those babies need to stop that growing business!

  8. Yes! That is exactly how it is. Domo doesn't seem 3 (or 2 when he was 2 or 1 when he was 1) because he is always trying to keep up with his big bro. He is ready for things much too fast. He is growing up much too fast!

    This so deeply resonates with me. Especially since we decided that two kiddos will be more than enough for us. (I bled through both pregnancies each time and each time I was told that my babies wouldn't survive.) Being pregnant again would just be too scary.

    I cherish this time even more so. Does that sound unfair?

  9. clicked over from suzannahs and i have 3, my youngst now one and it is insane how much faster they grow each time! and i know exactly what you mean about them just keeping up w/ each other! the downside is when i get frustrated w/ the youngers b/cs they're not as old as the oldest!

  10. I am right there with you, I was just noticing this same thing with my's like his baby days just flew and now I am able to have an actual conversation with my 18month old and understand what he is saying...

  11. I always feel so drawn to your posts. Molly is 10 mos. old and our first, but I'm amazed every single day about how fast she is growing. I still tear up when I nurse her to sleep at night. I don't think our hearts are supposed to be resilient as mommies :)

  12. Beautifully written. I agree my son seemed to grow up so much faster than my daughter did. He was always trying to keep up.

  13. With my girls, I discovered Bear grew up when I turned around to see what B was doing. They've been taking turns doing that for 19 months now.

  14. I could have written this myself. My husband and I were discussing it last night as we do every night - the quirky and fun things we remember of our boys during the day. And last night we talked about how the youngest just wants to BE his big brother and how he's racing to grow up. His life is completely different because of it. I find it amusing and sad at the same time.

  15. #3 and #4 feel like they were only babies for a second. I have very few photos of #2 and #3 as babies. LIfe flies by way. too. fast.
    and your knees hitting the floor got me too. that was so beautiful. Oh that I will spend more time on my knees as well.

  16. very sweet. Everyone tells me that the 2nd one seems to grow up so much faster. I'm sure it's true but that amazes me as I watch my first and only grow so fast before my eyes.

  17. They do grow, and it's always so sudden. Ivy's feet- I remark at their size, and the long legs they are connected to. Wild.


  18. I know the feeling... Little Miss is exactly like that - always trying not just to catch up to but surpass Mister Man. It's amazing how much less babyhood they have. That or we're also busier and miss more of it? But the toddler ages are fun too... just a different kind.

  19. i swear mine grow longer overnight.
    the length of my littlest surprises me every time!


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