Monday, September 27, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week Four

Here's the thing about photo challenges: they are, um, challenging.

I thought I would be content to snap the same kinds of pictures over and over again {why, hello, comfort zone}, but I was mistaken.

This week, I found myself emerging from the tried and true sessions filled with soft afternoon lighting, and instead tried to capture shots in non-existent lighting at wedding recptions and baby showers {so long, sweet, sweet comfort zone}.

This week, a few of my pictures definitely show that I stepped out of my self-imposed box and began trying to figure out how to capture images in tougher settings. {

As always, please share with me any tips or pointers.}

Also, Day 27 deserves a bit of explanation: It's the first purse I've bought in about three years {no, I'm not kidding} even though I had a huge epiphany concerning handbags about three months ago.

It was purchased with the help of some wonderful friends who convinced me it was so totally worth the price {less than $45, but I'm thrifty} because it was so very me.

And, yes, I am so intensly involved with my purse love affair, I deemed it picture worthy.


  1. Love day 25 and 28 and the purse! Great photos!

  2. That purse is very adorable. I'm a purse girl though. ;) Not a hat person... I digress. Great series of shots. The last two you can really tell that you "worked" the picture, but all of your photos are warm. I like how you feature several photos instead of 1 per day. My 365 has it's separate blog spot, but I'm thinking of just doing something similar to you so I don't feel compelled to share a picture every single day (even if I am taking a picture every single. day.)

  3. LOVE the lego shot. The lighting on his face is beautiful. Love your purse too, I think we need the story behind it. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone!

  4. Love the first one. He is so intent on what he is doing.
    Filling the frame with your subject is one good bit of advice someone passed on to me once.
    Emily at Chatting at the Sky had some too: zoom in on a kid's face and then go just a bit farther.

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  6. I love the photo book. You just know he is going to take it down and take things out! I also love the cake. Cute idea and it looks great.

  7. Oh my goodness, I love the purse. It is VERY you!

  8. The photos look great. Those pumpkins are my favorite. I think it's the position of the stems.

  9. Ahhh! You are so cute! I think that picture of you (it is you, right?) is fabulous.

  10. Totally dig it! I'm loving your work on this project!

    I found this composition article extremely helpful--though the accompanying photographic examples are comically dated: A quick read as well as holding salient info to this day makes it a winner!

  11. My favorite pictures of kids are always the candids. I love the determination on your little one's face.

    Love the purse, by the way - and since it was your first in three years, I think you can just amortize the cost out to $15. What a bargain! :)

  12. Love the purse! You just reminded me that I haven't taken any photos today. Whoops, I need to get on that.

  13. great pictures!! I love that purse! And YAY for pumpkins!!!


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