Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyday Life: Dehydrated

Sometimes when I'm at the end of my rope, and I think my kids are totally going to turn out to be juvenile delinquents because the older one is chasing the dog around with a stick in the backyard while militantly ordering him to get to time out NOW and the little one laughs when he jams his fingers up my nose while tears stream down my face from the sting and I'm pretty sure that one or both of them threw their bath toys in the toilet after *not* flushing just to see if I will run out of the house crying and pulling my hair out {deep breathe in!} ...

my three year old reminds me that he is only three by saying something during an overheard conversation like, "Aunt Jill, I broke my leg."

"Oh, no!" Aunt Jill says. "How did you do that?"

"Well, Aunt Jill, my leg was dehydrated ... it doesn't have hydrates, so I broke it, and now I have a cast."

{Deep breathe out.}

And I remember that I should wait, at least, until they both turn five to decide whether or not they are both going to have permanent seats with name plates in detention {either here at home if we homeschool or at away-from-home school.}


  1. oh it totally melts my heart when they use words in a context that makes no sense; it really does remind you of their innocence and puts things in perspective. And it is adorable, to boot.

    Ethan is all about using "hydrate", "rehydrate" and "dehydrate" in sentences right now, too; he struggles with what it means, but he knows he's supposed to stay hydrated. LOL

  2. They have a way of doing that don't they? Just melting us. Thank goodness they do, or I don't where we'd be.

    And keep taking those deep breaths...maybe take a few for me too okay?

  3. Do you have a camera in my house? These stories could have been told there. Let's hope for a lack of deliquency.

  4. Just before I saw a link to your post, I was just thinking to myself how awful I am at hydrating myself and that I really should be drinking more water. No lie. So imagine my surprise when I read this.

    I laughed at your son's comment - "hydrates"! But of course.

    I think sometimes that's all we can do. Breathing in. Breathing out. Surviving. But that's the important part. Surviving. :)

  5. Oh my word, the hydrates thing is so freaking adorable. How can you possibly stay mad or even frustrated? Thank goodness they're cute :)

  6. How in the world does a 3 year old have a vocabulary with the words "dehyrated" and "hydrate" in it? Never second guess yourself, you are doing an amazing job.

  7. This is hilarious! 3 year olds {sigh with that long breaht sister} I melt when Domo will say "But mooooooom" I think it is the cutest (right now) I actually rethink my process through when he tries to negotiate with me.

  8. Nahhhhhh, at least wait until 6 before you figure out the detention seat ;) They don't give detentions in public schools until then so far as I can tell from Mister Man's behavior....

    Good luck with that all!

  9. Pardon me for laughing please! Delinquents? Yes, I fear as well. My 6yo has bee giving me fits lately. And then I remember that her 9yo sis used to do the same. And now Megan is the lovely peacemaker of my kids, organized and following her Bible reading schedule (with no prompting from me!)
    We've got to pray. And remember that the jury is still out. God can move their hearts in ways we can never teach.
    Hugs (I know its rough sometimes)

  10. Bahahahaha! I'm with whoever it was that said, your kid knows the words hydrate and dehydrate? Way to go Mom. And here's hoping your nose stays clean for a little while.

  11. Some days {and months} are like this! Just keep listening and looking for those small, melting moments...that's what keeps us all going!

  12. I'm pretty sure you described a day out my life a few weeks ago! Keep breathing in and out!

  13. big ol' mama to mama hugs! i am w/ the previous commenter: how does your 3yo know hydrate!?! lol
    but w/ my guys 4, 2, 1, there are days it is everything in me not to scream, cry, melt down, or laugh hysterically. :)

  14. Yes, I'd recommend you wait. One of mine said calmly to his preschool teacher, "I choose not to obey." I was sure he'd be a lifetime criminal...

    ...and he's a fine, upstanding citizen who loves others!

    Breathe away, Mom!

  15. Hey Hyacynth,

    You're doing a great job! Just keep breathing in and out! They're sweet little men! Your neighbor, Sherri

  16. Hi! I found you on the BG FB post. Come link up your post and while you're there enter my cloth diaper giveaway! -Bonnie @

  17. I have to remind myself all the time to drink something and I don't even have babies or toddlers in my house :) Breathing is a good thing too.


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