Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyday Life: Jet{less} Lag

Three day weekends are blissful.

But the day after certainly is not.

We're suffering from a Labor Day weekend jet{less} lag today.

The boys are completely out of sorts from having spent Sunday and Monday with their {saint-like} grandparents while John and I enjoyed a short staycation here at our house.

And the hubs and I are trying to ease ourselves back into a day full of demands after a 30-hour period of only assuming responsibility for things like feeding ourselves and bathing {Yes, tough, I know.}

We flew into Tuesday morning with moderate turbulence in the form of children who were off schedule and oh-so-clingy and not at all sleepy. {Hello, little eyes at 6:15 a.m.}

And we thudded through breakfast with a 3 year old who refused to eat a different brand of yogurt than what we normally buy.

We also bumpity bumped right through an Attachment Parenting group meeting where my 3 year old burst into tears about five times before I led him out {bawling} to the car in search of the peace and solitude that is our routine at home.

So, yes.

We're quite exhausted from this weekend ... which was, admittedly, my first overnight away from the boys {ever} where I was NOT in tears from missing the boys so extremely much that I was ready to reunite hours before our scheduled time.

And that tells me something: I know that they are enjoying themselves during these little jaunts to their grandparents house, which means my little ones are not waiting in deep anticipation for our return.

My boys are really growing up.

{Or maybe it's really just mommy who is.}


  1. It's probably a little bit of everyone growing up. I find that short times away can be rejuvinating for all of us, but if I stretch it too long, we are all out of sorts. It is nice as they grow older and can dare to be gone once in awhile, but I find myself missing the days when I was all they needed.

  2. So happy you and John had some time alone!

  3. I agree with Patty Ann- it's a little bit of both. Now that Nolan has started his 3rd week of school and I know he is OK and that I will survive my days without him I feel much better about things. And get this- yesterday I was READY for them to return back to school because they were driving me insane with their fighting. Hahahha- my how things change with a new perspective.

  4. a staycation sounds divine.

    my babes are always a mess after a lovely time with grandparents, etc. it just throws them off their game.

    may tomorrow be easier and tear-free!


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