Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Everyday Life: Walking Baby

"Oh, no," I say, somewhat taken aback. "He's not a toddler yet."

She looks at me, confusion written across her face, as my little guy wobbily runs down the hallway of our church.

"Really," I insist. "He probably shouldn't be with the toddlers. He's barely one."

Her eyes follow his toddling body as his feet struggle to keep up with his torso and his arms, fueled by excitement.

I'm pretty sure to her, he looks like a toddler.

But what about everything else?

His cheeks, they are so round still.

And his legs, they are still so chubby that his baby leggings curl down past the rolls to his knees.

He barely has four teeth at one year.

He nurses just like a newborn during the day and at night.

And his belly is so round, squishy and full.

Oh, and his hair -- it's so fine and soft and silky -- and just so very baby.

So you see, my very dear, very loving friend who is in charge of childcare, he's really not a toddler at all.

He's really a walking baby.

By the time I think this all through, he has already burst through the gate of the nursery doors, and he's climbing atop one of the play houses.

I see the futility of my case.

And I know that he's probably a walking baby only in my heart.

But you just can't argue with a mommy's heart.

So he's a walking baby incognito as a toddler.

In the one-year-olds' room.


  1. I agree. He is definitely still a baby. No two ways about it. You've got another year. At least. :)

  2. He IS a baby! I'm desperately hanging onto my baby as long as she'll let me...that is before she sees something across the room that catches her eye and then she crawls away as fast as she can :)

  3. Nicole said it best, I don't think I could say it any better. Tell that woman she doesn't know what she's talking about.

  4. I still call my little one a baby sometimes. Actually that's what I call her when I talk to her so often, it's hard for me to write about the toddler in my life. I find myself deleting "baby" and replacing it with "toddler" a lot. Even though she's almost two now. Is that a denial thing? Or will they just always be our baby?

  5. They never stop being your baby. Mine is almost three, and reminds me every day that she's not a baby. But, in my eyes, she always will be. And, honestly? I have always dreaded the graduating to the big kids class on Sundays. They aren't supposed to be that big.

  6. Our toddler (today) doesn't toddle yet.

  7. Oh, just look at that baby face. I want to squeeze his cheeks.

  8. Toddler or Baby, I love that little man!

  9. I remember these days!! Oh, he's so precious, Hyacynth!


  10. Enjoy that cute baby every single minute :)

  11. A mother understands this one. Love it. Love those fat thighs of one year olds.

  12. My heart swells with yours. Yes he's a walking baby. I remember feeling the same way about Domo when he was that age. Really your heart is in the right place. And WHAT. A. CUTIE!

  13. awwww, how precious. He is still a baby ... I can totally see it.


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