Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You are cordially invited to ...


Who: You and all of your friends!

What: The Write Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Carnival hosted by
Undercover Mother, Peanut Butter In My Hair, This Heavenly Life and Bigger Picture Blogs

Why: To tell our stories to raise Breast Cancer awareness! We'll be hosting giveaways, guest writers and opportunities for YOU to tell your story during the month.

We'll be joining with Army of Women to provide research, which will one day lead to discovering a cure.

How: Want to get involved? There will be five link ups through out the
month where you are invited to share your thoughts, stories and experiences about Breast Cancer Education, Prevention, Support and Survival.

Want to be the first in line? Go to Army of Women , and take the pledge with us.

Then dedicate your blog post October 1 to Army of Women and its march to one
million. Because our voices are more powerful when they band together.

Need more incentive?

Everyone who takes the pledge with us and links her post will be entered for a chance to win that beauty from the oh-so-generous Ellie of Shining Stones.

AND! {Not a blogger? This part is for you.}

By simply signing up with Army of Women {and sending your registration email to pbinmyhair@gmail.com}, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous, special edition Lil Bloo Boo women’s dragon viscose tee-shirt in hot pink and black.

So grab our beautiful button (right over there, in the side bar), tweet it out (#WritePink!) and spread the word.

We'll be Writing Pink! -- From the Head, Heart, and Feet.

Please say you'll join us.

A very special thank you to the sponsors who will be providing support and incentives (you know, giveaways!) for our Write Pink! Event:
Army of Women
Shinning Stones
Bamboo Luxury
Lil Bloo Boo
It’s All in the Bag
Brooke Martin Photography


  1. Beautiful. Breast cancer has hit my family hard. I grabbed your button and took the pledge at AOW. Thanks for the nudge, Hy.

    xo elizabeth

  2. I'm excited to participate and will be wearing this button with honor.

  3. Oh this is awesome. I most recently lost my midwife to breast cancer, I will sign up, too.


  4. I'm in, I'm in! I need to get organized. I have two days!!

  5. I don't know quite how to participate. My abuela had breast cancer, but lost her life due to infection when I was 9. I never got to know her because she lived in Mexico. But I'm very aware of my breasts because she had to have a double mastectomy after she turned 40. If I come up with something I will for sure participate.

  6. I will be joining you! Proud to be a part of it!

  7. I'm so excited to be a part of this.

  8. thank you for doing this. I signed up with army of women a while ago and had my post for today done and scheduled for over a month. this is a cause VERY near to my heart as the 21st of this month is the one year anniversary of my mother's passing after her THIRD battle with breast cancer.


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