Monday, October 25, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week Eight

{Week eight, Day 51 of my 365 Project has ended up being my favorite shot of the year. So glad to be on this journey with so many of my fellow 365ers. Thanks for stopping by!}

There's so much to say, but I don't think I can find the words.

Yesterday marked the six-month anniversary of my dad's unexpected death, and I think I have an emotional hangover this morning.

So I hope it's not too boring if I don't say much more and instead just share my week-eight captures, many of which I'd love to be sharing with my dad today.


  1. I loved seeing your photos and your dad would have loved seeing them, too. But know that he is there with you. He sees without you having to show. My father in law passed away 4 years ago and we still ache, but I know that he is still with us. So I'm thinking and praying for you today friend. I know how hard it is to be breaking on the inside.


  2. Your pictures are beautiful this week. I'm so sorry yesterday was a difficult day. I know it seems impossible to imagine that 6 months have gone by. Hang in there and preserve yourself for the holiday season and the 1 year anniversary. You will draw on every reserve you have to get through it. I am here if you need an ear.

  3. Your photography is beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. It is something that we never completely get over. There is always something that we would love to be sharing. I do know how much it hurts. I hope that you always know and remember that he loved you and loves you still. May you find peace and healing as you live on. My prayers are with you today.

  4. Emotional hangovers are vile and foul and so much more grim than beer based ones which will run away after a while. They are exhausting, and some people don't remember, because the person who died wasn't their person, and that doesn't feel right, that the whole world isn't grieving with you. How can they carry on when the world as we know it has rocked on it's axis, almost to falling off?

    But they do, and we do, and it goes on, and on , and on, and it doesn't get better, but it can't get worse, and so it gets different.

    But in England, someone is loving you, and praying for you, and laughing with you at your pictures.


  5. Great images, Hyacynth! Your work always reflects so much about your life...and I love that! I'm sending you a big hug on this oh-so-difficult anniversary and keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  6. Oh these are gorgeous! I love the one of Baby # in the first frame. And that Frosty face - boy is he anticipating that :)


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