Sunday, October 31, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week Nine

OK. You caught me.

I started thinking about Christmas before we even made it to Halloween this year.

This week's photographs were my attempt to capture some shots of the boys that would be suitable and adorable for our Christmas cards.

{Though I was thinking about Christmas early this year, I reserve the right to still roll my eyes when stores decorate for the holidays in mid October. Just needed to throw that out there.}

Also, truth be told, I was getting too comfortable in snapping random still lifes, especially on days I didn't feel like putting the effort into trying to understand my camera enough to capture the photos I really desired.

So this week, I played around with flash, lighting and higher ISO, which sorta explains some of the graininess of a few shots. {Ah. You live; you learn, right?} And I think I may have gotten a few winning Christmas card pictures. Maybe. We still have, like, four weeks left where I can change my mind and still get our cards in time.

No, day 63 likely will not make it onto the Christmas card this year, but I couldn't pass up posting a shot of my serious pirate who was threatening to make me walk the plank if I took one more picture.
And, yes, we did trick or treat two days in a row; of course, that was only after I convinced G. it was, indeed, acceptable to wear the same costume twice. {He, as you know, has no qualms about wearing the same ever-day clothing day in and day out. Sometimes I don't quite understand his 3-year-old mind.}

But on a serious note: is it too early to start playing Christmas music now that Halloween has passed ... yes? {What if I listen to it in secret ... still too early?}


  1. Love the pictures! Especially the ones with the two of them together. Such adorable brothers. Oh, and no it's never to early to start listening to Christmas music. Although some may start to wonder, if you're listening to it in July :-)

  2. Great shots, I love their costumes. And whew! I'm so glad it is OK to wear the same costume 2 days in a row.

  3. Wow!

    58 is so gorgeous. 59 shows such a great moment between brothers. And the diagonal lines of 64, the way they direct the eye to your subjects--just so lovely!

  4. these are beautiful Hy! Lots of great Christmas card pics in here :-). And pump up the volume on the Christmasy tunes. I'll be singing right along with ya! xo

  5. They looked so cute in their costumes! And I am officially on a mission to get some good group shots in anticipation of sending out Christmas cards. Although my 1-year-old won't have a thing to do with it and will probably either be a) absent from the card for this reason, or (more likely) b) screaming in the picture included. At least it'll be true-to-life, right? ;)

    And play that Christmas music without shame, my friend. Really, who could accuse someone of premature Christmas spirit? :D

  6. Don't tell anyone, but I have my favorite Christmas CD playing right now....

  7. Love the pictures. You really got the light in their eyes captured. Good job!

    I already have my picture picked out to send so it is ok that you are getting yours. ;) Oh and the "walk the plank" shot is priceless. I speak knowing that 3 year old pirates mean business.

    PS. I could listen to O Holy Night all year long.

  8. You make me giggle. PS you know about the Shutterfly opportunity, yes?

    And while you can think about Christmas card photos, no music allowed until after my birthday. My rules. And avoid Costco. They've had Christmas out since the last week of August!


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