Saturday, October 9, 2010

Babywearing: On surviving and thriving

In celebration of International Babywearing Week 2010, I'm sharing stories about the many benefits of babywearing.

Wednesday's post celebrated the opportunities and dreams turned into realities that babywearing has afforded my family.

Today, Colleen's sharing her story about surviving and thriving.

My oldest was a high needs baby. Being laid down after falling asleep ended 20 minutes later.

The only place she would sleep for a long time was snuggled against one of our bodies.

Daily I strapped her on so I could get out of the house to do everything from taking a walk to getting groceries. When teething and awareness of the outside world started, we added nursing difficulties to everything else.

She didn't want to sit and nurse or sleep. Many days the only way I could get her to nurse was to carry her and walk back and forth in the dark hallway of our small house.

I quickly became proficient in nursing anywhere and any how.

I spent many of my waking hours that first year with a baby carrier attached to me for feeding, napping or just functioning.

When I had my second child the needs of my first didn't go away, and I had another to parent!

I'm certain I would have went down the road of depression if I had not been introduced to babywearing while I was pregnant so many years ago.

My husband started wearing our girls before I did.

It has helped him connect and bond even though he only sees them on the weekends and about three hours during the workweek.

Our youngest went though a stage where she needed extra daddy time; we remembered and they spent time together through babywearing again. After a few times, as soon as she saw he had his mowing shoes on, she ran to get the carrier.

It's been almost four and a half years since we became parents and first fell in love with babywearing and we are still wearing our girls for walks, shopping, taking trips to the zoo and so much more.

{Our group, The Lake County Babywearers, will be hosting a huge celebration Sunday here in Lake County, IL in celebration of International Babywearing Week.

Check out our blog for more details. It will be worth you're time as we're raffling off an Action Baby Carrier donated by Heavenly Hold, an Anaju Bamboo Wrap donated by 3Tree Design, a Pikkolo buckle carrier donated by CatBird Baby and a Sakura Bloom ring sling, just to name a few items. And, yes, you can purchase tickets -- 3 for $5 -- if you contact me.}


  1. I love it. I never wore mine, but I wish I had (ok, except for the Bjorn, which I suppose counts?) - or at least worn more often and in more scenarios. I love the slings, and I love how they help with so many issues babies and children can have.

  2. Great post. I loved my Baby Bjorn! I used it all the time with baby number 2. Wish I had used it with baby number 1, too! (My background is in broadcast journalism, too!)


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