Saturday, October 30, 2010

Everyday Life: It's not about slaving over the sewing machine

Confession: Because this October has been the craziest month of my life, I didn't take time to make costumes for the kiddos this year. {I also have been intent on soaking up every.last.minute of this gorgeous autumn with the boys leaving for little indoor time ...}

So instead of donning hand-made outfits, G. will be dressed in a cute teal and red pirate costume, compliments of my cousin, Michelle, while E. will be a toddling bumblebee, an outfit graciously provided by my friend Christine who just so happened to be offering via Facebook this evening a costume just E's size to whoever wanted it. {Talk about fortunate!}

I know Trick or Treating is about allowing the kids to dress up and parade around the neighborhood, and I know they will look abundantly cute in their costumes.

Really, I know.

Though I know it doesn't actually matter that I didn't slave over the sewing machine crafting their ensembles this year -- their trick or treating experiences wouldn't be any more enhanced by me reinventing the wheel after being so kindly gifted with two adorable costumes. {Right ...? Right?!}

Nonetheless, today I still found my {lately stiffled} creative self fighting the urge to whip up a hand-made costumes after thinking of brilliant ideas {shouldn't E have been a parrot to go with G's pirate garb? Come on! How cute would that have been!?} like my mother-in-law and I did for G.'s first Halloween.

Because little G. wasn't just a monkey his second Halloween.

He was a monkey with a banana tree. {It was perfect because John ended up carrying him in a mei tai most of the way.}

Having hand-made the costume didn't really enrich G's experience {hey, he got candy}, but I really enjoyed making those outfits with my mother in law for G and John.

I guess there are seasons for everything -- including handcrafting Halloween costumes. And this just wasn't one that allowed me to do it {oh, hello, priority list, fancy meeting you here at Halloween time.}.

So, tomorrow, I'm letting go of those little guilty feelings and the high expectations I set for myself and even the dream of my pirate walking around with his {rather large and beefy} parrot, and instead I'm just going to enjoy walking my pirate and bumbleebee around the neighborhood ... plus, I'm sure pirates enjoyed honey, and you can't get honey without bees, so it totally make sense, right? {Right?!}.

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  1. Girl, don't give those costumes a second thought! They will have fun regardless of how the costumes came about. And believe it or not, there will soon be a time when they ONLY want the store-bought costumes.

  2. I remember that monkey!
    I don't often think of myself of the crafty, sewing kinda mom. So its no surprise to me that I don't make costumes, I buy, and I don't have guilt. {My guilt comes in when I buy the cake instead of making it.}
    As I was reading, I was thinking of B's Alice dress, she got for her birthday for dress up but I knew she'd wear it for Halloween. I bought it, never even thinking to make it, again, not that crafty, but wait! I did make Bear's this year! She is going to be the white rabbit!
    {I'm rambling again...}

  3. I'm envious that you have the skills to make costumes, even if it didn't fit into the schedule this year. Hey, you could always make fun costumes for thanksgiving. A turkey and pilgrim maybe?

  4. You are so much better at this than I am! I love the banana tree costume. That is really the best! My girls all went as dancers this year. I only had to make tutu's, thank goodness. They had so much fun helping to make and set up everything!

  5. so creative (even w/o the sewing!), so adorable, so fun. great father/son shot:)

  6. <---- jealous that you can even sew one outfit. Serious jealousy! Insert a pout all the way from michigan.

    That shot of G as a monkey, OH MY GOD could he be any cuter?

    Let go of that guilt sistah. This month has been supa dupa busy. Over here, too. I'll give you my guilt free pass that I had lingering around here.

    We gotta accept that we can't do everything even though we still do so most of the time ;)


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