Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everyday Life: Organic honey and Curves

I haven't shared this yet, because it's almost entirely been a if-I-pinch-myself-I-might-wake-up-from-this-dream kind of past two weeks here in terms of parenting our resident 3 year old.

He's been doing things like saying, "Well, I don't love the spinach in the eggs you made me, mom, but I dooooooo love you.

And when John and I leave for our Wednesday night group meeting, he sticks his lower lip out as his chin quivers and he chokes out, "I just want my family to be together."

{OK, so maybe that is a little more on the heart wrenching side rather than the sublime, but it's still insane amounts of cute.}

He's been sharing with his brother, agreeably brushing his teeth and putting his shoes on when I give him the five-minute alert before we're scheduled to walk out the door.

{And why, yes, I do hear the oinking in the sky because pigs are flying.}

But, lately, the best part of parenting a 3 year old has been the showcasing of his maturing cognitive skills coupled with his awesome emerging reasoning abilities.

We were sitting around the table eating homemade cornbread and garden-fresh chili, when John couldn't resist taking an opportunity to tease me about having bought organic honey in a moment of stupidity during a grocery shopping trip months ago.

"Tell me," he said, "how do you suppose they get organic honey anyway, Hy?"

I bit my tongue so as not to say anything I'd regret when G. jumped into rescue me.

"Daddy, BEEES make honey. It comes from the bees. Remember, George?" he said, obviously flabbergasted at John's lack of knowledge about the making of honey.

Duh. We just watched that George episode about the bees and honey, John.

John and I were lying in bed with the boys saying prayers and reading stories before the little ones' bedtime.

"Oh, yeah, honey," John said. "Did you call Jeff back? He called for you."

"Who's Jeff?" G. asked before I could even answer.

"He's someone who works at Curves," John said, trying to simplify the explanation.

G. looked at him skeptically, very apparently recalling all of the many conversations we've had about Curves.

"No," he said. "Jeff doesn't work at Curves. Only the laaaadies work at Curves. Jeff is not a lady. That's a boy name. He can't work at Curves."

"Well," John tried to explain, "he doesn't work at mommy's Curves, he works at --"

"He works at Hollister," G, finished. "That's where boys work because daddy works at Hollister. Jeff works at Hollister."

"So how many women work at Hollister?" John asked.

"Daddy! They all work at Curves!" he exclaimed.

Again, John, duuuuh. I wonder what George episode we missed that explained that one.


  1. Thanks for a good laugh this evening! G is such an amazing little boy. He always puts a smile on my face :-)

  2. Haha - I LOVE reading these conversations with G. Makes me wonder the kind of things V will be saying in a year. And, Ted says, "seriously how can honey be INorganic? BEES make honey and they're organic, right?" ;)

  3. We have those same conversations at my house! It's a good thing they make us smile.

  4. We buy pure honey and I had to give an education lesson to my guy about why it matters whether honey is pure or not. His response? Damn that whore honey!

    Your G is adorable, and I'm quite impressed by his maturity at age 3. What a gift!

  5. I love the honey story! :) Something that would totally happen here! (and not just the three year old comment, but the buying of organic honey and the husband mocking it... )

  6. I never thought about honey being organic or not. I would probably fall for the label too.

    As for that 3 year old you're raising. Watch out- one day he will be smarter than everyone.

  7. Love it!! Reminds me of the countless conversations that I had with each of mine as they were growing up. I so wish there would have been blogging then!! You are going to love having copies of all of his sayings!!

  8. Those are priceless :) I have such a big smile on my face after reading those cute snippets of conversation in your house. Really adorable and smart!!

  9. What a smarty! Has he hit his "why" stage? That is what we have going on right now. Why to everything and sometimes when it is driving me insane I just say "because nabisco cookies are delicious." for some reason that always makes him say "ohhhhhh" and move on. Go figure, eh?

    This was a very cute anecdote. You have such a talent for relating cute kiddo stories Hyacnyth!

  10. so funny!
    Every time I read a story like this it makes me remember to write more of them down. Thanks for the laugh.

  11. you made me giggle. I like that. :)


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