Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everyday Life: Out of gas

We've spent the past two months, seemingly, traveling here and there and everywhere to be in weddings and attend conventions and kick off babywearing celebrations and engage in blogging activities.

Really, I'm a little breathless from all of the running and doing and planning.

Because come Autumn, especially, I feel two very compelling forces stirring within me:

1. Get outside as much as possible and enjoy the days before frigid temperatures descend upon Chicagoland


2. Ready our small living space for the winter months, organizing and decluttering for the time when we are indoors more often and trying not to step on each others' toes {or toys} and just generally be able to navigate through the piles of coats and shoes and boots and snow pants and ...

While I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to, those two pulls require even more scheduling and planning.

So I've planned and scheduled and scheduled and planned so much that I honest-to-God had a dream Monday night that I was literally lost in my calendar ... as in I was a tiny person walking around a corn-field-esque calendar maze trying to figure out how to navigate all of our committments and wants and desires.

I woke anxious the next morning because I'd committed to attending a bloggers' Wendy's lunch date organized by The Motherhood, and that meant more rushing to leave at exact times to beat traffic and arrive at exact times and get home by an exact time.

So we rushed, and I delivered G. to preschool and went home and rushed to ready Baby E and my messy self for the day, and then we rushed back to preschool, and somewhere in between realizing I needed to stop for gas and holy cow I think my head is going to explode trying to map the day out, I put on the brakes mentally.

It's not the car I should be worried about, I'm the one who is running on empty.

And I don't have an easy answer or a tie-it-all-up-in-a-neat-package ending for this post or for real life .

I'm just simply out of fuel to keep going at this pace.

So I stopped speeding around yesterday, and I just went.

I enjoyed the friends with whom I shared a meal while at the lunch for Wendy's launch of its new health{ier} pick-two menu**.

We stopped to get a drink on the way home when G. became restelss from sitting in the car instead of speeding through the drive.

And we stopped at a store to find our favorite diaper salve despite dinner time approaching.

I didn't worry about the time or traffic or whatever else I worry about. We just went.

And it felt good.

{** I was invited by The Motherhood and Wendy's to taste the new health{ier} pick-two menu options, and Wendy's paid for our lunch plus provided me a small stipend; I should also mention, we all enjoyed our Chicken Apple Walnut salads ... and Frostys. Because while you could choose a bottle of water as one of pick-two options with your salad, my 3 year old chose a Frosty. And so did I. So we were half-way healthy.
And I'd stop there if I needed a healthy option while on the go, just in case you're curious, because the kids really did scarf their food. I thought it was good, too, and the mamas were pleased the dressings/salads didn't contain HFCS or hydrogenated oils/trans fats.}


  1. A frosty sounds really, really, really good right about now :)
    I hear you, Hyacynth. I really do. Add in starting to stress about moving in February (who the heck moves in FEBRUARY in NEW ENGLAND?? I guess us...) and finding a new place to rent, and Christmas, and packing and OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE HOLD ME!
    (yes, caps were totally necessary).
    I'm running out of gas too, my friend. Recharging is a must... and letting go... surrendering to the chaos :) xoxo

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  3. I so know what you mean. Every year October is our busiest month. It is insane. I am so thankful next week is the last week of October but at the same time I wish the year were not speeding by so fast. How in the world is it almost 2011? Is that even possible?

  4. yup, i feel this, too. and funny you should mention a chicken with it's head cut off, because there is a hawk EATING one of my chickens right now. or it was until i scared it away, but it might as well stop circling and finish the job because i'm not putting her in the crock pot.

    so it could be worse? cuz you could BE a headless chicken? or something?

    God's great shalom to you and me both. and corinne. and all the other frazzled mamas!

  5. I remember experiencing that in Illinois, not so much since I've moved. But I know, one day, my schedule will be crazy again.

    Go get into the Word and refuel, Sister!!

  6. I have felt that way many, many times. I am still learning how to slow down and enjoy the moment that I am in, rather than rushing to the next task.

  7. Oh, me too! Sometimes, we just need to slow down a little. I think that is the biggest problem with society as we know it. It is too fast, too hectic, too busy. Sometimes, we just need to take a little break!

  8. I hear you. Today's society has us scheduled to death. I try very hard to take some time for me, even if it's just a half hour in the tub with bubbles and relaxing music. Hope things slow down a bit for you.

  9. I feel you...and am running on empty myself.
    And suddenly have a craving for a frosty, but something tells me that is not on the healthy pick 2 menu!

  10. mmmmm, frosty.

    oh my goodness, that dream of being stuck in your calendar! that gave me anxiety just reading about it!!

    This time of year is pretty crazy; I am in denial about all the stuff we have to do in the next couple of months.


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