Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virtual Coffee: One

It's so good to see you.

I mean really -- it's really good.

I've been missing hanging out around the blogosphere, and I'm afraid I've even been missing around here at my place, too.

What better than Virtual Coffee hosted by Amy to catch up?


If we were having coffee tonight, first I'd thank you for meeting up with me so late this evening and during a crazy wind storm here in Chicago.

G. was so exasperated about the windstorm today. He huffed and puffed and stomped around for a few minutes ranting about how there was "no rain and no snow, so where is the storm? And why can't I go out and play?"

I had a good laugh about it until he started driving me crazy because he really had to stay inside. The wind gusts reached something like 60 mph and the barometer dropped to a record low -- that of a category 3 hurricane.

I'm sure that's what induced my raging headache for most of the day -- cured only by copious amounts of water and two pieces of chocolate. {Seriously, chocolate has caffeine, and it helps with headaches. You can thank me later.}

While we're talking about aches and pains, I have to share some silly news that only another blogger might really understand -- my computer once again decided to bite the dust. But it's serious this time.

I got the blue screen of death.

If you own a PC, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about it.

I'd love to become a Mac girl, but hubby doesn't speak Apple. And since he's the computer doctor around these parts, I have to stick with the types of machines on which he he operates {thanks, hubs, for letting me use yours tonight!}.

Would you like a cup of chai? I have this really stellar spicy stuff that I've been digging now that it's getting chilly and I've been craving hot tea.

It's been helping me relax at the end of the day and focus on a class hubby and I are taking.

I haven't told you much about it, but it's heavy. It's called Vantage Point 3, the Emerging Journey.

Basically, the course is 9 months long and it challenges us to recognize who God is, who God made us to be and how He wants to use our lives.

It's deep. And it's rocking my very core, challenging me to identify my values and ask myself if I really live like those expressed values are truly important.

And it's asking me to identify my Biblical mandate on life.

So like I said, it's deep.

In less serious happenings, I hopped over to Michigan today for a visit with Katie and her readers. And I found myself talking about balls. And other things I shouldn't admit.


But, hey, when in Michigan talk about ... {???}

I know; that makes no sense. But that's just part of having tea with me -- being subjected to random references that make no sense.

Anyway, if you don't know Katie, I'm glad to introduce you. She's pretty amazing, and the story of her newest babe -- Gabe -- is a tear-jerking, joy-inducing must read that evolves every day.

So how are YOU? I mean, really, how are you? I know we haven't talked much, so give me a link to what's been pressing on your mind or heart or just tell me what thoughts are flowing.

Thanks for bearing with me while my computer is broken and when October stole my sanity and ran off with every single day on my calendar.

Oh, and before you leave, I must tell you that tomorrow I'm sharing our last survivor story for Write Pink! If you stop here and leave a comment of support for our survivor story, you'll automatically be entered to win $50 from The Vintage Pearl. I'd totally buy you all a super sweet necklace from TVP if funds allowed, but this is the next best thing, right? -- reading a story of hope and getting a shot at winning whatever you'd like!


  1. hehehehe...started following you today after reading about "your balls". Katie is a dear friend and neighbor and I appreciate her in showing me to another delightful blog to laugh along with.

  2. yes, this weather is crazy! i am a few hours south of you i guess : ) i was afraid of tornadoes last night as there was warnings all around us...ugh...hate those! sorry to hear about your computer but thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  3. Yikes! Today it hit me, there are going to be so many days when we can't play outside and they are coming really soon. I'm going to go stark raving mad this winter, I just know it. Brew that coffee extra strong and hot and I'll bring virtual brownies!

  4. Yep, we had that wind earlier in the week and were quite happy to pass it on to you!! Every time it goes crazy up here, the trees crash down on a house of two. It makes you cut the ones that are too close down!! I really wish that it wasn't feeling like winter today. I even had to wear my thermal shirt!! We are now burning wood in the fireplace insert and conserving on fuel. Gotta love the way too short fall and the way too long winter!!! Ohhhh, I want some of those virtual brownies!! And you are so right, chocolate does help the headaches.

  5. Well, if we were really having tea together (I'm English, I can't be doing with coffee at a civilised get together!) I'd be telling you about my Masters that I've started, and about my leg, and about how the boys are struggling to get along sometimes, and how Jack and I aren't struggling to get along at all. And about how wet the weather is today but how it's supposed to brighten up later, and about the recipe for chocolate concrete I found that we used to have at school, and you know, just little things like that really.

    It would be good, and I'd bring you home made concrete!

  6. Hi! Do share! What kind if chai are you enjoying? We're just working through sickness here so I've been on the internet with my phone way too much! On a better note, I have new carriers coming you'll have to check out and others that have moved on to new homes! Hoping to see you Thursday!

  7. I do worry about when all my kids are in the house going stir crazy at that same time. I need my chocolate stored up and ready for those days!! Job hunting is on my mind as always. It's consuming me both physically and emotionally. I'm trying to keep my spirit going with prayer and laughter. Seems to be working!

  8. Hi! It's been awhile indeed. Things are brewing on my end and leaving me drained of energy so blogging has been difficult. Or at least keeping up with my Reader has been the biggest challenge. So good to see that you're doing well my friend, although the BSOD is not exactly thrilling news. Sorry :(

    And yes, this storm needs to go away already. I'm so over it.

    Cheers and Happy Wednesday!

  9. I miss you so! As much has been going on in my life, I'll blog and share.

    Love you!!!

  10. Hiya! I'd like a Rooibos red tea latte please....with whip and honey. :)

    I'd tell you all about how tired I am because Madison was sick all Mon. night and how we just relaxed all day Tues., which was nice, but then around the time I needed a reprieve, Robb did not come home, but went clothes shopping and out to eat. Jealous me! But I AM happy he got new clothes for his new skinny butt, and I managed just fine. :)And then this morning I thought I'd have a new day and get lots done and instead Aunt Flo came, so one more lazy day for me. And it's still raining. But I don't care 'cause tonight is date night. So all's well that ends well. the end. *giggle*

  11. I love having coffee with you! I also had a headache/migraine yesterday which was treated with water and chocolate. Because chocolate fixes everything.

    I would tell you that I've been a little MIA on the blogosphere to and I miss everyone. Here's hoping that life slows down soon so we van both reconnect.

  12. This wind. We still have it in Iowa. Not quite that bad but my windows are rattling. Not a fan, gotta say.

    I hope that November brings your sanity with it next week. ;)

  13. Oooo so what chai are you using to relax? I so need help sleeping right now. Desperately.

    BUMMER on the computer. I feel for you. Just make sure it isn't catching :)

  14. And wait... why couldn't he play outside? I saw lots of kids playing outside today when we were out. Hmmm.

  15. Seem to be a lot of chai lovers -- the tea I've found is Ajmera. It's lightly sweetened and very spicy. And it's easy. Just mix with hot water! So good.

  16. Isn't this weather nuts?!? NUTS!!! I Just down the block a tree split completely down the middles. And yes my boys were going crazy, too. They wanted to be out in that monster storm. A tornado hit about 14 miles from us.

    So yes in Michigan we DO talk about balls. Hmmm snowballs? hazelnut balls? meat-balls? or the manliness courage kinda balls or Hot schwetty balls (ha)... Hmmm... Maybe we do! :)

    Your class does sound intense and I'm jealous.

    I'm PC, too. Hubby doesn't speak apple either.

    Your comments have put a big smile on my face lately. Thanks girl! :) It has been a rough month.


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