Sunday, November 7, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week 10

Last week, the sun began setting noticeably earlier, and the air was a lot colder than I enjoy {tolerate}, so most of our pictures were taken indoors.

I guess I better get used to shooting in low light and relying on indoor lighting because we've got at least another four and a half months before the slightest signs of spring appear with all of its naturally lit glory.

I swear once the snow starts falling and the boys begin playing outside in the fluffy flakes, I'll suit up and venture out, but I'm still in reptile mode and trying to find the nearest warm rock on which I can sun myself. {My warm rock happens to be the couch right now ...}

I somehow lost my original shot from Day 67, so I had to improvise with another shot from Day 66. I'm still not sure how it happened, but I'm just as happy to share this fun capture of E eating my phone.

G. was so thrilled when it began hailing Thursday. "Look, mommy, it's snowing! Where are my boots and hat? I'll shovel!" I gently explained it was hail and not the grand snow he's been waiting for, and he was still infinitely enamored.

We don't typically encourage the kids to walk across the dining room table ... read the back story if you want to know what was going through my mind when I dove for the camera rather than snatching E from the table top.

Another year older, another year hotter. That's my new motto. He makes getting older look so good. {It's my blog; I can swoon over him if I'd like, right? ;) }

This photo project was inspired by the creative and beautiful Maegan from Life Set to Words.


  1. Love all the pictures. You did a great job this week and indoors doesn't have to ever mean "not as good". So, be a reptile for a while and enjoy those cute little ones. Just keep taking pictures for them!

  2. How many candles are on that cake...4? Is that how many were in the drawer? Happy birthday to your swoon-worthy man. Loved all of the photos!

  3. The first shot is amazing. I think it may be your best one yet.

  4. Hyacinth I look forward to knowing you as well! Thank you for following my blog and for the sweet comment. You also appreciate the fantabulous Meagan from life set to words! So, we have a common friend too. All my best, until next time:)

  5. nice post. thanks.


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