Sunday, November 14, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week 11

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm week, complete with abundant sunshine and gentle winds --not what you'd imagine {nor what you'd normally experience} during a November in Chicago.

So we soaked up the sunshine, and I left the camera behind most days in favor of fully enjoying running amok at the park with the boys.

Friday, though, the winds turned and brought a new colder chill in the air, and just like the weather seamingly changed overnight, so has our beloved calm season of parenting the boys. This past week has been filled with various overwhelming urges to wail in agony, temper tantrum in protest and curl up in the fetal position while the boys trample right over my exhausted body and throw their own kicking and screaming fits. {Seriously, one day, I had each of them clinging to my legs while screaming as I attempted to make dinner.}

I tell you all of this not so that you'll take pity and send me pumpkin pie and chai via overnight airmail {however, if you want, I will definitely sign on the line upon delivery}, but so that you'll have an understanding of where I'm coming from picture-wise this week. {Read: I've had uncooperative models and been so drained emotionally that my pictures are a little, um, flat in the creativity department.}

Anyway, enough yammering from me and onto Week 11 of Maegan's 365 Photo Project.

This is one of my first times trying to figure out the automatic timer. Baby E. was happy to help, as he thought the warning lights that flashed were endlessly fascinating. Baby smiling in my picture AND looking at the camera? Hey, I'll take it!


  1. I soooo understand the drudgery of trying to prepare a meal with little ones tugging at your legs. I don't even know why I try some days.

    Your pictures are wonderful, as you have such adorable models. I love the last one of you with Baby E. I'd call that a huge success!

  2. Oh, so sorry you had such a rough week! I hope this week is the complete polar opposite. I think the very first shot you took is amazing.

  3. know, it must have been the week last week! We have been a little crazy around here too! But I will look into the pie-by-airmail thing!

    However...your pictures are anything but flat! They are full of love and life! And look at you! You even threw in a selfie! You go girl!

  4. Oh, you did a great job on all the pictures. I love them. I haven't learned that dratted timer yet. I hope this week is way better for you!!

  5. Kudos to you for figuring out the timer. You don't want to know the issues we had around here with it after bunco on Friday trying to take our group picture. 11 women, 6 bottles of wine, 2 kinds of martinis, 12:45am. It wasn't pretty.

  6. I am sorry that you had a such a difficult week. I am sending lots of happy thoughts your way and prayers for a better week this week!

  7. Flat is the last thing I would call these!! Thinking of you, wishing I could personally surprise you with a Chai!

  8. Aw, love the last one!

    Hope you're having a better week.


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