Sunday, November 21, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week 12

Looking at this week's pictures, you'd think we'd never left the living room.

I assure you we did. {I haven't yet begun our hermit-like tendencies for the winter.} But with having to bundle everyone before heading outdoors and trying to remember three sets of coats, hats and gloves, I didn't attempt to bring the camera along for Week 12's adventures.

We're in the stage of seasons where it's become necessary once again to rotate toys in and out of the living room. This tool set here? It's a gem. An absolute gem, I tell you. E. played with it for hours. Add that to your toddler's Christmas list, right?

Days 82 and 83 are from the same day. Day 82 was pure crazy. I didn't want a picture to memorialize it forever. It was that nutty.

Our friend Dawn snapped some family pictures for us. G. was thrilled with the prints. He looked at them over and over again.

Where did this big boy come from? Where's my baby?

Yes, we have our Christmas tree up. No, it's not decorated. It's brand new from John's parents -- an early Christmas present. John's dad brought it over so that we could immediately decorate it upon our return from Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I'm crazy. And, yes, this last picture was one in a series of attempts to secure a Christmas card picture of the mom and dad who never seem to get in any pictures.
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  1. How old was E when I saw him at Ali's wedding? It wasn't that long ago was it? I guess Camilla would have been about 3 months old. Why must they grow every day?

  2. I totally do not think you're crazy for having your tree up. We decorated our whole house this weekend. Yes, we normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but with everything going on, it just made sense to do it early this year. And I like it. :)

    Loving the picture of you and your hubby! Those pics of us parents are truly the most difficult to come by!

  3. That last picture is so sweet!

    And yes indeed- where HAS your baby gone? Wasn't he just born?

  4. The picture of you and your husband is a great shot!

  5. I love picture 3. I want to kiss those chubby cheeks. Muahhhh!

  6. I love that you have your tree up! I found your blog through Heavenly Life and can't wait to check out more. Chicago is my favorite city!

  7. I love that last picture :) Too cute!

  8. I love the photo of you and your hubby too! Pretty much every picture of Ben and I is taken with the timer set on our camera and us trying to look nonchalant and natural ;)

  9. I managed to hook up Hy's camera to her laptop and use the live view feature to frame and focus the shot while we sat on the floor. I took the picture using my foot. Much easier than setting the timer and running back and fourth.


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