Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyday Life: Just another day living in my 'hood

Three year old G. bellowed from the dining room, "Mom!! You better come see what E. is doing!"

I was in the middle of gathering things we could glue on the family project in the guise of cardboard turkey G. had brought home from preschool earlier that week. It needed to be decorated and returned promptly, so I'd left the boys in the other room while I scoured the pantry for anything interesting with which we could adorn the turkey.

I abandoned my search upon G.'s beckoning and quickly returned to the dining room ...

where E was walking across the dining room table.

But instead of gasping in shock {hey, I'm the mom of two little monkeys -- this stuff happens} and immediately removing my toddler from said table, I grabbed a camera.

Because, he's not always going to be walking across the dining room table.

And I figure, I might want to remember him like this -- little and on top of the world -- on top of my world.

{Also, 70 billion cool points to anyone who knows the song that was running through my head as I wrote the title of this post. And, by "cool" points, I mean, "oh, you were a secret hip hop lover in the mid '90s too?" points}


  1. ok, i've been reading your blog for a while now and am loving it :) thanks for your honesty and transparency! as a new mommy myself, it's been great.

    oh, and I definitely love me some Will Smith too :)

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  3. Gosh, he is so cute! I love how pleased he looks with his feat :)

    (Sorry for the delete! Typos make my eyes twitch ;)

  4. Hahaha, I would have grabbed the camera too. E looks so proud of himself :)

  5. Love it! He looks so happy and proud of himself!! I wish they could all feel on top of their world! I would have grabbed my camera too.

  6. So I'm sitting here reading your post with a chuckle and my little man comes romping into the room. "Mommy, it's Cousin Luke." "No, it's not Cousin Luke." "It's a baby, who is it?" "I don't know who it is honey." "BUT WHAT'S HIS NAME?!" Uhhhh...quick a name that begins with the letter "E"...."Evan, his name is Evan." "Yes, his name is Evan," he proclaims. "And who is the little boy?" Quick a name that begins with the letter "G". "Greg, his name is Greg." "Yeah, that's Greg." So Hy, in our house, your boys go by the names of Evan and Greg, fyi. LOL!

  7. What a cute moment captured! I would most likely have grabbed my camera first, too! You are so right...they grow so unbelievable quickly. You are right to savor these moments of littleness! xo

  8. That is awesome! I totally would have grabbed my camera too.

  9. Love it! The picture is perfect! I wish I had thought to take a picture when my Z was up on the table! I think E and Z must have planned this adventure together!

  10. My boys would SO DO THIS. I suppose it's the life of raising boys. But it's tremendously cute nonetheless. And I would have done the same as you. I am a scrapbooker after all!

  11. Not sure of the song you're referring to- sorry.

    But gosh does he ever look pleased as punch w/himself for accomplishing such a teriffic feat. :D

  12. Ahhhh, Van Halen.

    You do an amazing job responding with love. I'm afraid I would have raised my voice and promptly but a munchkin in time-out. I'm working on that, responding with love.


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