Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everyday Life: Out of the red

The kinds of blessings that make me feel like I'm never living in the red can't be found in stores.

{But they can be found in trees. ;) This was our after-Thanksgiving-dinner project. G. got the whole family to make leaves of Thanksgiving for his beloved tree, which he then rearranged several times before being distracted by blueberry pie and ice cream.}

Hope you're having the most beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.

Oh, and a blessing I must share -- Christmas music that celebrates the heart of the season -- streaming live now through Christmas day for free. Just scroll down and click on praise and worship.



  1. What wonderful pictures. Each is warm and love lit. And those cute little hands. I'm such a "hand" person. We get to hold their hands for such a small amount of time, but they will hold our hearts forever!

    I'm glad you had a blessed thanksgiving!

  2. Love the post today, and thanks for the link. I love Christmas music of all kinds. It helps keep the season in my heart.


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