Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fostering a Giving Heart: On Wishing for Snow

*** This giveaway is closed. Eve won the $50 gift card from 77 Kids.***

Amid bare trees and dark, gray skies, a snowflake stirs a little hope within my heart -- a heart that grieves the vibrancy of lost colors during long midwestern winters.

Hope that maybe tomorrow when I wake up the gray will be covered in fresh white snow.

Hope that the dreary will be drenched with the beauty only a snowfall can bring.

Hope that the dirty slush and withered brown grass will be clothed in brilliant white.

This year, a snowflake means a little more to my heart.

Because this year, a snowflake also means hope for children who are sick.

I've teamed with The Motherhood to help spread the word about hope this holiday season with the Wish 4 Snow initiative:

If we, collectively, create 100,000 virtual snowflakes, 77kids by American Eagle will donate $25,000 to eight children's hospitals around the country.

I {along with 9 other beautiful Chicagoland bloggers} was invited to the grand opening of the 77kids store at Woodfield Mall here in the Chicago suburbs this morning to learn a little more about the Wish for Snow initiative and take a sneak peak around this store, which is geared at fostering a giving heart in children as well as celebrating the fun of childhood.

During our tour, we learned how to participate in the Wish 4 Snow holiday charity initiative:

1. When you shop at 77kids, you are have the opportunity to donate 77 cents or more to that particular store's hospital of choice. At the Woodfield store, your donation will go straight to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Upon donating, your little one creates a snowflake in the store with his wish for other children on it. {G. wished that all kids could have vegetables. ... I know, right?}

2. While you're talking about giving during this holiday season with your children, take a few moments to create a virtual snowflake with a holiday wish on it through Dec. 6. When100,000 snowflakes have been created, eight children's hospitals around the country will recieve $25,000 from 77kids by American Eagle. {And for each snowflake you create, you'll be entered to win a $77 gift card given away daily}.

While both snowflake creations are really easy to make, the virtual ones can obviously be created in just minutes in the comfort of your living room. You and your little ones can create as many as you'd like, too.

I'd be neglectful if I didn't mention a few really fun features at the 77kids store , just in case you're interested.

If you're like me, you love scoring cute kids' clothes at good prices. I found the boys' {matching!!!! Don't laugh. This is my dream!} Christmas shirts for $6 each in the sale section.

Because the store is so kidcentric, I was able to browse for the shirts and gifts while G. played.

He told me he loved the dressing rooms the most {each dressing room door has a little window built into it; parents can open and peak in to see their little ones instead of making them parade the outfits around the store}, but honestly, the kid really, really dug the halogram birds being projected onto the floor. He chased this one for about 9 minutes as I shopped, which is why the picture is so blurry.

A close second, he enjoyed taking his picture at one of the two photo booths, drawing on it, printing it out and hanging it up in the boys' clothing section.

Also, there were quite a few other fun things for him to engage with while I browsed the clothing, so this store was a big win in my book -- not only because it's really kid-friendly, but also because I appreciate kids' companies that try and help little ones have a giving heart.

Would you like $50 to spend at 77kids just in time for holiday shopping? {clothing for boys and girls, size infant through 14}

Simply make a virtual snowflake and help us reach the 100,000 goal.

Leave a comment telling me what you wished for on each snowflake you create, and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to be used in store or online at 77kids!

For extra entries {leave a comment for each}:
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Please, friends, Wish 4 Snow , and let's create hope this holiday season.

In the spirit of blogging integrity, I recieved a stipend and a gift card for 77kids in return for attending the grand opening and spreading the word about the holiday wish initiative. However, all of my opinions are, just that, mine. And, as you probably know if we've been friends for awhile, I only partner with businesses I normally support.

This giveaway will close midnight CST Dec. 6. A winner will be chosen by


  1. Beautiful post! Glad to see you participated too, it's such a wonderful thing to be part of!

  2. I created a snowflake. It was cute ... I plan to let my kids try it tomorrow!

    Thanks for introducing us to a great business and cause.

  3. My wish was that those who have lost that connection, reconnect.

  4. That was a beautiful post. I won't look at the snow as the enemy now. Sounds like a great store, and a great cause!

  5. Oh I love that first photo of G on their logo. Such fun! And yay for $6 shirts ;)

    PS I did make a snowflake, too - my wish was for health and happiness for everyone I know and love

  6. created a snowflake called pinkisses
    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  7. created a snowflake called kissme

  8. Like 77kids on Facebook
    Evelyn D

  9. like 77kids on twitter @shopgurl


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