Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Virtual Coffee: Four

It's Tuesday, and I feel like coffee.

So here we are, having virtual coffee as I drink a latte while sitting in my favorite orange chair at a certain large coffee chain. {Thanks for hosting, Amy.}

And thank you for being here with me. I needed to melt into this seat and just talk today.

I felt, kind of, like I needed to escape the antics of a certain 3 year old this afternoon.

I spent the morning volunteering as a parent helper in his preschool class, where I finally found some people who think I am really, totally and utterly awesome and cool.

They just happened to be in the form of three little girls ages 3, 4 and 3.

G. didn't like this.

While he didn't really want to sit in my lap during any of the carpet-time activities, he also didn't want any of his friends to sit there either.

Oh, the inner workings of the male mind I will never understand.

And thus begins the, "I don't want her but you can't have her either" male mentality -- at 3 years old.

I immediately called John and expressed my disbelief at already having to squash this particular pattern of thought in his little-boy brain.

At any rate, I would have much more enjoyed the one time in life I was gifted with groupies had my son not been sitting three carpet squares down shooting me dirty looks. {And I must thank Melissa for encouraging her little monkey to give me some love while at preschool today. She's cute as a button and a little feisty -- she's very endearing. How do you ever say no to her?}

I know, I know. I'm giggling now. But at the moment, I thought, where on Earth did I go wrong with this boy?

If it's OK, I'm going to share my photos from last week's 365 project inspired by Maegan. This week was admittedly difficult. I'm really a natural-light snob when it comes to photography, and I'm never pleased with any shots taken with my flash or in lamp-light.

This doesn't bode well for winter photography in Chicago, as you probably gathered by today's overcast gray skies.

Oh, and I finally get to share what I've been so excited about; I could nearly burst out of anticipation for the latest creative project in which the girls at Bigger Picture Blogs and I have been funneling so much time and energy.

You can check it out, if you feel like you're in need of some Christmas or holiday spirit through the working of your creative muscles.

Speaking of creating, I've been pining for a few hours to spend locked away with my paints, canvas and music.

I have a few burning ideas for Christmas presents in the form of paintings.

But my hands have been quite busy in the creation of a scarf for my mom.

I learned to knit in one afternoon {EDIT: My friend Janelle is a REALLY good teacher. She showed me how to get on my way after I learned to cast on.} and, oddly, I decided to continue knitting for an entirely different reason {ahem - remember the $50 knitted hat I fell in love with?} than what first sparked my desire to learn.

Now, it's relaxing, and it fulfills my urges to create.

OK, enough about me. How are you?

Are you in the holiday spirit? Are you loving that it's almost DECEMBER?! Crazy, right?

Thanks for having coffee today. Hope the rest of your Tuesday is wonderful.


  1. i go back and forth between not being ready for the holidays and being totally ready! : ) we plan to get our tree this weekend so i will totally be in the mood by then. hahaha..i had to laugh about the workings of the male mind...it's true! thanks for coffee and have a great day!
    ps- bracing yourself for a long, cold winter in Illinois? I have a feeling we're going to be more than ready for Spring!

  2. My husband finds it harder to say no to her than I do. I think it's because I see beyond the cute to the teenager she will become (like looking in a mirror) and have to get the practice in now!

    She loved it, talked about G's Mommy all the way home (when I used your name she looked at me like I was speaking French!)

  3. I have a desire to learn to knit too. Question is- do I have time for it? Maybe when the boys are older.

    Is that underwear on G's head in the first picture?

    And what is the 2nd shot?

  4. I think I knew that you were in Chicago, but I totally forgot. I'm one state up, and it's just as dreary here too. I'm losing motivation for the 365 day challenge because of the lack of light. Sigh, I need to find a new inspiration.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I am enjoying the fact that it's almost December, except the cold front it brings, and the lack of desire to walk the puppy, and the craziness it brings out in said puppy because of lack of said walks. you know, that puppy you said reminded you of your old lab? Yeah, that one, the one that is driving us crazy. He's adorable and fun and so sweet, but ohhhhh the puppiness is sure brought out when it is cold outside and nobody wants to walk him! I need to layer more gear on and just get out there! But I'd much rather stay in and chat with you over coffee. :-)

  6. I'm giggling over here about the mysteries of the young male mind :)

    You'll have to share pictures of your scarf!
    And I'm totally a natural light snob also... which I think is why my camera hasn't gotten much use as of late...

  7. Love the male mind mysteries. They are so funny sometimes. I am so not ready for the holidays. I love the picture in siloutte. It is beautiful. I am trying to teach myself to crochet. I want to learn knitting too, but better start with one. It takes a long time! I love natural light myself and it is very hard to have the desire to do indoor pictures.

  8. So totally in the Christmas spirit (shall I admit that I was, since before Halloween??? :)

    Isn't it insane how our kiddos can vacillate between wanting nothing to do with us, to not wanting anyone else to have that pleasure? Silly kids!

    And from your earlier post - so glad baby was okay from that fall!

  9. (I'm a natural light snob, too -- let's be friends! We'll call ourselves the SUNsisters, or even the SHADEsisters, but never the LAMPsisters. Blech.)

    Rest assured that this isn't just a boy thing -- Mia is very frequently jealous of other children's attention towards me, even if she is completely bored by me. I call it 'childhood'. But your connection to the inner workings of a boy's mind had me laughing :)

    Now; wanna split a cheese danish?

  10. Wait, you learned to knit in a DAY? Really? It's that easy? hmmmm. Then again, you paint so you may be wayyyy on the other side of the spectrum from me.

    Forget grey skies... today it snowed! *sigh*

  11. I am in the spirit...but different than past years. I find I have that excitement, not of the cookies and presents but of that lowly babe born in a manger, as if it is really happening in 2010. It reminds me of hope, love, joy and peace...and that these are the gifts the Savior brings.

    P.S. You rock learning to knit in a day!



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