Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Virtual Coffee: Three

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We picked a perfect morning for sharing a cupe of coffee this week! The sun is shining here in Chicagoland, and it's really turned around all of our moods.

And thank God for that.

Because last week, you didn't want to know us. At.all.

The children were in rare form, and I literally had to PEEL them off of my legs last Thursday because they attached themselves ala super-glue style as I was making dinner.

Dinner that they refused to eat, of course, even though G. had begged me, "Oh, mommy, please make spaghetti."

Anyway, I think we've turned the corner and can rescind from our hermit lifestyles without fear of our friends running in a mad dash from our house to escape the crying and whining.

By the way, what's with dinner time anyway? Is it super stressful at your house, too?

All of the figure-out -what-to-make, don't-touch-the-raw-meat, make-it, hey-stop-touching-the-stove, get-it-on-the-table, wash-your-hands, no-wash-your-hands-with-soap, please-let's-pray-before-you-take-a-bite and please-stop-whining-about-the-ketchup/size-of-your-spoon/wearing-the-smaller-big, oh,E,-food-goes-in-your-mouth-MOUTH madness has thrown me into a dinner funk.

Mostly, I want to feed them yogurt because it's super-simple preparation, and I know it will end up in their bellies and not in the dog's.

Especially E., who currently only wants that or breastmilk.

But I suppose G. and John need veggies, no?

Well, I need to incorporate veggies.

I don't know about you, but as a mega-food lover in recovery, I really have to take care not to just shovel junk food in my mouth during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving hasn't been so bad the past five years but Christmas? With the cookies and the eggnog lattes and the pumpkin crunch trail mix Allison shared at her place during coffee and, well, the cookies -- it's all very tempting to revert back to my old eating habits for a few weeks. But I know all that sugar will likely leave me ill, unfilled and with jeans that don't fit.

So I will be strong. And I will instead indulge on the parmesan tilapia recipe Sarah shared today.

How do you handle the holiday season in regard to food?

Are you ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hannaukah?

And now can I put up my Christmas tree? Or is it still too early?

And how are you?

Thanks for having coffee today!


  1. The crockpot is my best friend. I'll often use it to cook the night's protein and then steam veggies and serve it all over rice. With a gluten-aware family, we do a lot of rice (and rice pasta). Sometimes I'll cut up cucumbers and tomatoes instead of the steamed veggie bc everyone will eat it. I'm all about simple and not standing in the kitchen.

    Also? Put your tree up whenever you want. It's your tree!

  2. Dinner time is always crazy... I don't know why. I do things to make it simpler, but it's the whole end of the day fiasco thing. Everyone is tired and a little loopy :)
    (and I SO hear you on the food right now... all I want is junk, but if I eat it, the kids want to eat it, and it's just NOT GOOD for anyone... so I'm trying to hold off on holiday baking for as long as I can but it's so tempting!!)

  3. Dinner is crazy at our house too. I think it might be like the phone thing, as soon as you are the least bit distracted, that's when all hell breaks loose.
    I'm weak with the junk food. Trying to do better, or at least considering it.

  4. Yes, put up your tree. If it brings you happiness, why not?!

    Dinner used to be madness for us, but my kids come home from school starving and rather than have them fill up on snacks I just make them dinner at 4:30 and then me and Chris eat later.

    How are you doing? I dreamed about my dad last night. Whenever those dreams come they stay with me for days. I have been missing him so much lately.

  5. I think it is never too early for the Christmas tree (unless you did not take it down last year!) And I sneak veggies into everything. Sloppy joes with grated carrots and zucchini, stew with diced squash, ect. I learn to hide it because the kids don't think they like them! As for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mostly I make homemade treats for give-aways. That way, I get to have tastes, I don't feel deprived, and neither does my family. We only keep a little (dessert size one serving) in our own house. I get to give gifts that I enjoy sampling and I don't gain any extra weight. I think that is win-win all around!

  6. i swear, one day i will be organized and a meal-planner and there will be no dinner time drama or whining! : ) one day! i need to find some good crock pot recipes and quick!
    put up the tree whenever you are ready! thanks for coffee! : )

  7. Ooooo Parmesan Tilapia. Yum!

    Dinner? Yeah, yesterday the wee ones both decided they DON'T like the fish that I'd made the week before that they'd loved and begged me to make again. I'm not happy.

    And the tree can't go up yet :)

  8. Dinner is starting to become more regular around here now that soccer season is almost over. I need to invest in a crock pot.

    Put up that tree if you want to. I know the kids will be excited. I need to plan my decorations soon!

  9. Dinner time through bed time is always stressful. Everyone is tired, hungry and ready for the day to be over.

    P.S.I hate to tell you this, but I'm dedicating December to Christmas cookies. Sorry.

  10. I'm working on getting the last of the pregnancy pounds off, so I decided to use weight watchers points. (I'm just using the internet as my guide. I found the way to figure my points: http://www.ehow.com/how_4871046_calculate-many-weight-watchers-points.html)
    Anyway, what I am trying to share is I found this delightful blog with seriously good food that is weight friendly. (It lists the weight watchers points out for what's been made.) I was ecstatic after finding it, and even more ecstatic after making a few dinners that were more delicious than food I made pre-get-this-weight-gone.
    She has a list of desserts, maybe they would be helpful for ya.

  11. How funny that I trailed to your blog via Lucky Number 13 which I found from a blog that I follow. I was thinking of participating in Virtual Coffee next week, and was clicking through those blogs who linked up.

    Dinner is always stressful. For me, there is nothing more deflating to my cooking effort when the children really do not dig the meal. I am not much of a cook though, use my crockpot a lot.

    I find that if I don't eat breakfast than I start to inhale or have an overwhelming desire to inhale carbs (pasta) and chocolate. Not good.

    Hope you are having a great week!


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