Sunday, December 5, 2010

365 Photo Project: Week 14

We got out of the living room this week!

{In real life and in the pictures.}

With so many holiday happenings and events, I've found more inspiration and motivation to get my camera out and snap some shots.

So, a funny story about these flowers. They are not just any flowers. They are the first ever flowers this plant has ever blossomed.

In six years.

After being resurrected from the dead at least seven times {no lie} per year.

My poor, neglected spider plant is finally happy.

E. has begun doing this thing where he tackles G. while G. is reading or really just doing anything. It's like his new language. He just runs at him full speed and barrels into him. Most of the time it ends in a gigglefest on the floor. Kid is destined to be a line backer, I think.

I'm getting so excited for the first day of T'was the Write Before Christmas tomorrow that it's occupying most of my creative thoughts tonight, so I'm sorry for the jumpy writing.

Will you be joining us in getting into the Christmas spirit through unleashing our creative forces? It will be so wonderful to share our joy and thoughts with friends.

Looking forward to reading {or viewing} whatever you dream up after tomorrow's prompt has time to soak in.

{These shots are from Week 14 of my 365 Photo Project inspired by Maegan.}


  1. Oh yes, my boys speak "tackle" too :) Love E's little bottom teeth! Our Noah sports a similar pair and they kill me every time.

  2. E is just getting way to big! Tell that boy to slow down- he's in to big of a rush to catch up to his brother.

    I absolutely love the shot of your Christmas tree through the banister. I think I told you that already but I'm telling you again. Love it.

  3. Yep, they are definitely little boys! Love the last pic. His eyes just pop out!!


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