Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bigger Picture Moments: Lights

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Bigger Picture Moment

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 'I am the light of the
world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.' " John 8:12

We thread white lights through the banister, gently guiding them up the railings of the staircase.

"Why do we decorate the stairs with lights?" G. asks.

"Because it's beautiful," I say. "And mommy likes to look at beautiful things."

"I think it's beautiful, too," he quips. "But I like them on the Christmas tree more."

We leave the whole concept of decorating at that -- it's beautiful -- because, I rationalize, I don't think his 3-year-old mind can understand the depth of my love for Christmas lights.

And he's satisfied with my answer.

But I'm not.

It's about more than just being drawn to the beauty {although, admittedly, I think beauty for the sake of beauty is totally worthwhile.} because every year I spend the last few weeks of November deeply anticipating, yearning almost to sit beside a glowing Christmas tree, bathing in the warm light of a decorated staircase or hearth.

Still, I feel sort of sheepish for being so enamored with this aspect of decorations.

Shouldn't I, at 27 years old, be less entrenched in this aspect of Christmas? Shouldn't I be focusing more on explaining the reason for the season rather than the decorating of the house?

I ponder it.

It's not simply about the decoration or tradition.

There's more stirring in my heart when it comes to decorating with the strands of shimmering bulbs as the days grow shorter, colder and drearier than solely the visual aspects.

Much more.

We are drawn to light.

We seek it out in the midst of darkness.

We grope for the switch of a nightlight in the shadows of 2 a.m.

We gather around fireplaces, snuggle up on the couch and watch the flames dance after the sun sets.

We bathe our evergreens with glowing strands in celebration of Christmas ... in the advent season that anticipates the coming of a Savior.

It's not just about beauty. It's not simply a decoration scheme. {Though if it was, I think that's fine, too. I love traditions and beauty.}

But it's so important to me, I think, because it's rich with symbolism that we adorn our home with light as we await the celebration of the Light in the darkness on Christmas day.

And much like the bright strands are laced through my staircases and tree branches, this longing for light, the desire for it is intricately interwoven into the fibers of my heart.

And there's no need to unplug it for concern that I'm too childishly attached.

Rather, I'm just going to bask in the beautiful glow, soak up the Light and enjoy.

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  1. Love this! I've never thought about Christmas lights in this way before... I'll definitely be looking at our Christmas tree differently this year (once we get it decorated ;)

  2. Beautiful, Hy. I love this... and am waiting not so patiently until my mom comes into town to decorate with lights... there is so much beauty, meaning, and hope with lights - especially this time of year.

  3. Oh, Hyacynth, this is wonderful :) It's so nice to hear about you complete joy in this season. I love your experience of Light.

    When we get our tree up, I'll keep your thoughts in mind, and give myself over to basking in the twinkle :)

  4. This was so beautiful. We have a children's book, "The Light of Christmas" that so beautifully explains the need for our Light and ties it into the aspect of Christmas lights too. It's by far our FAVORITE Christmas book and we read it every Christmas day after reading the passage in the Bible. But this post, I will bookmark for a more "grown-up" version for myself! Loved this so much!

  5. This is love lit! The whole post is warm and glowing. It is the spirit that lights the way. And you are right, we crave it! Also this time of year when it gets darker so much faster the light makes us feel more attentive. Much more revived I would say.

    So bask in your light dear friend. It isn't childlike in any way except for the pure innocence in how you feel.

  6. Yes, just love up those Christmas lights! Because you have your head and your heart all facing the right direction! And if those lights help you to celebrate and anticipate His coming, then light away!

  7. You said it... I feel this in my heart, too.


  8. This was a great post to link up to on Steph's page, and I cannot believe I missed it this week!

    I sure wished we lived closer....I'd love to hang out with you and I don't know, have real coffee or something!

  9. yes, the Light that darkness will not overcome. love this.

    i've been know to beam giddily at my tree, too. so much pretty, such rich symbolism.

    i have THE BEST advent reader you would love--it's called Watch for the Light and it is amazing. possibly out of print, but available online?

    keep enjoying advent:)

  10. this is perfect and will make me enjoy the lights even more this year.


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