Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyday Life: Eyes Wide Shut

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments, a weekly writing meme intended to foster creativity and help busy moms actively seek every-day moments that show us a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Amid fast-paced lives, sometimes we lose sight of the grander scheme; won't you join us in consciously trying to embrace and remember these moments - however small or large?

Bigger Picture Moment

The thermometer spiked today* at a whopping 16 degrees.

We layered shirts with heavy pants and wool socks.

We bundled under the cover of gloves, scarves, hats and heavy coats.

We hurried into the car from the house and out of the car to the preschool.

And then a few hours later we did that in reverse.

Instead of taking all of the layers off, we kept some on our bodies.

Though there were places I needed to go before Christmas, I just couldn't muster the will to rebundle, recoat, reglove and reboot each time I peaked at the thermometer and pondered leaving the house again.

So we busied ourselves with playing and cooking and reading and cleaning, and I tried really hard not to completely sulk about feeling like a self-imposed prisoner within our four walls.

I gave myself pep talks, prayed, laughed with the kids and tried to ignore my freezing toes encased in woolen socks.

The day wore on, and I sunk into the recliner, exhausted both mentally and physically, around 3 p.m.

As I sat down, it was like opening my eyes for the very first time that day.

Bright and brilliant. Warm and inviting.

I'd almost totally missed winter's most elusive and welcomed special guest because I'd been so busy layering and bundling, so tunnel-visioned about the cold.

And I could not help but wonder what else I'm so stuck on -- the unflushed toilets, the toys splayed across the floor, the dirty clothes piled just inches away from the hamper.

What here in the everyday doldrums has kept me from really basking in the awesome gift right before my face during this season of life where my boys are small and innocent, tickleable and excitable, spirited and openly loving?

The laundry? The messes? The dishes?

None are worthy.

I know this time is fast. I know it's fleeting. I know it could be so fruitful.

And I know I don't want to miss the sunshine there, in parenting my boys, especially.

*Written Tuesday in anticipation of Bigger Picture Moments.

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  1. It's hard to see the bigger picture when you're drowning in the every day inconsequential things.

    During winter, everything takes an inordinate amount of effort because every movement is a strain against my will as all I'd like to do is curl up under the bed and do NOTHING but savor the cozy comfort of my blanket. Yet it's the mobility that generates energy and warmth, and the very essence of life.

    I hear you, Hyacynth. Especially with our little one(s) around us, how can we not dance to their rhythm? With them? For them?

  2. This resonates so deeply... beautifully put.

  3. What a beautiful post. And exactly the reason I love spending time at "home" with my boys. I know that it isn't just because we can afford it or that because it is the right thing to do for our family. It is mostly because I love being with them.

    I think that you get that. Every day things can go to the wayside when you have small children. It warms me to read that your heart belongs so loyally to the little loves of your life!

  4. I hear you about the cold and the getting out. They have built a fortress around our house with the snow plow, but if I look just right it sure is beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Beautifully said, Hy! I know precisely what you mean. The awe of life does get cloudy with all the details. I'm so glad you were able to find the ultimate bigger picture!

  6. I would never leave the house if I lived there. God placed me in Texas for good reasons. Seriously, just the thought of going out in that cold makes me want to snuggle under a blanket.

    Thanks for some perspective on what we lose sight of so easily. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. We get snagged on things from time to time... I Know. And I love waking up finally. :)


  8. Oh, it was SOOOO cold earlier this week! I ignored my girls requests to go outside and play.

    Whenever I meet older women at church or the grocery store, and I have my two girls with me, there is one piece of advice they all give me...enjoy them! They grow up so fast!

  9. I saw your comment on my blog. I posted some pictures of the baggies I have left. My sister makes them and sells them. She lives in Wadsworth which is near Grayslake. Is that where you live? If you are interested I can give you her email address OR you can purchase thru me and I can ship them.

  10. I love snuggling at home with the kids on those frigid days. Treasure these days. The kids get big way too quickly.


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