Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everyday Life: Peanuts

A few of my favorite quotables from my favorite 3.5 year old ...

As we're decorating the Christmas tree ...

"Mommy, I need some h**kers," G. says excitedly.

"Huh?!" I ask.

"I can't hang the ornaments without the h**kers," he replies. "So where's that bag?"

Key explanation that we call them simply "hooks."

He nods his head, says OK and continues to decorate the tree.

Five minutes pass and ten more ornaments are hanging before he calls again,
"Mommy, I'm out of h**kers again!"

Good thing we only decorate our tree in the privacy of our home.


I walk in the living room only to discover G. trying on John's jeans.

As he's trying to find his foot in John's tall pant legs, I cannot help but ask the obvious.

"G.," I begin, "why are you wearing those jeans?"

"I want to wear his belt," he shares, as he continues pulling the material up toward his nose.

I can't really think of anything else to say until he adds, "Do you know why I want to wear the belt?"

"Nope," I admit.

"I wear the belt so that it holds my pants up so that no one sees my peanuts, mommy."

I try to hold back my laughter, but I cannot contain the huge totally amused smile creeping across my face.

"You're what?" I manage to ask.

"You know, my peanuts," he says. "You call it a w**nie, mom."

Ah, yes. Note to self: use appropriate words in future.

{Sorry, I had to edit so many words here ... you wouldn't believe the types of searches that bring people to my page if I don't.}


  1. Oh my goodness, that boy is a hoot! I needed a good laugh tonight.

  2. Love it! That is so hilarious! Good job capturing these priceless conversations.

  3. Oh my goodness! That was too cute. I guess I can understand those two conversations pretty easily, having two girls. But like you, I have to block words or else who knows who will get the wrong ideas! That's why we teach them in Polish... ;)

  4. SO funny! Here's one for you: This weekend my inlaws were watching Vince, and he went potty during the evening. He ran over to share his good news, and then proceeded to tell them in a serious voice "we don't eat poop."

    Umm... yeah. Thanks Vince-- that comment has definitely made it around the extended family already.

  5. Funny! E. for a quite a while didn't understand "errands" versus a beloved sitter, "Erin." When Grandma came over and asked him where Dad was, E. said "Daddy doing Erin." Blush.

  6. Boys say the craziest things don't they? Makes for a good blog post though.

  7. Oh. My. I absolutely love it. LOVE it. :) We've got some good ones around here, too, but those are classic!

  8. OMG!!!

    Hand over heart, Domo calls his "peanut" as well. That is hilarious!

  9. This made me laugh out loud!!! Love it!

  10. Hilarious!! Loved them all. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hilarious!! Loved them all. Thanks for sharing.


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