Friday, December 31, 2010

Life in Review: A mishmash unmashed

{This post is linked to Stephanie's Things I said this Year , Scary Mommy's year end review and Maegan's 365 Check In, as it seemed appropriate to celebrate my favorite shots of the year while I pondered the highlights and what made 2010 such a pivotal year.}

I blink, and I forget.

Seemingly, at least.

I often feel like my memory blurs, presses one day into another day, one week into another week, month into month, year into year.

My grandmother warned me this would happen with each year I aged.

And until this year, I've been just naive enough to think maybe she wasn't right.

But I've clearly been shown that I learn a lesson, then I relearn it.

Again and again.

And again.

Maybe that's why this new year's eve, unlike any other in my life, has sent me spiraling into reminiscing about the past year.

This year, unlike any other year, has been really, really good and really, really tough . Tough in that peeling-off-the-old-skin kind of way; I imagine it's something like restoring a hard-wood floor.

I feel like He's been sanding my heart, smoothing over the jagged edges and buffing out the knots.

Maybe that's why 2011, especially, seems so shiny and promising. So new and refreshing yet with hopes of the same comforts and blessings.

Like maybe despite the continued sanding, I'll see some more sections that have been polished, ready to be enjoyed.

{And then I remember that as I age, those once polished areas are going to need a fresh buffing again sometime.}

I wouldn't do you over, 2010, but I'm so glad we met, we mingled, we danced, we weeped and we're parting on good terms.

I'll hold closely some of your biggest lessons and joys as I remember, but I'll be welcoming 2011, a new friend, with whom I hope to share many of the same moments and so many fresh ones, too.
Happy New Year, my friends! Pray so many blessings for you in the coming year.