Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life Lessons: Sponges

When G. was two and a half {last fall} I heard a tiny voice emerge while we were watching Curious George.

My little guy had memorized a recycling scene among several others from the Curious George Goes Green DVDs after he'd only been watching them for about a month or two.

After that day, I'd hear him reciting the lines as I folded laundry in the adjoining room or even just engaging in the banter while he sat in his car seat as I drove.

I was completely shocked.
And I was completely amazed.

I've always struggled with memorization, and he had just floored me with how simply memorizing could come.

Around this time, my friend Betsy had shared with me that her son, only seven months older than G., was already saying Bible verses.

As I put two and two together, I realized G. was quite old enough to begin memorizing scripture if he so chose.

And I realized that I, too, could do it if he could.

So for a little boy who loved reading Bible stories {spears, giants, sling shots -- what's not to love, right?}, he readily began parroting back the verses we targeted for memorization.

And as I said them aloud and he said them aloud they began to stick for both of us.

Sometime this fall we became lazy and stopped memorizing as much.

I only recognized we hadn't been doing much when I realized about a week ago that G. had half of the Christmas story memorized.

My mother in law found a beautiful book that told a piece of the Christmas story each day of December. G. loved it because every day the next part of the story was hidden behind a bright, decorated door on a new page of the book.

He really looked forward to opening a new door every day.

So almost each day, we opened every single door on every single page until we would arrived at the day we were supposed to be reading, thus, opening the first door of the Advent book reading the first page of the Christmas story 24 times.

And I found that I, too, had memorized a huge chunk of the story.

I know that I'm the one that supposed to be doing the teaching here, but I just marvel at the things I learn through this little big boy of mine.