Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking, that's all: A sister from Katie

We were dining on homemade pizza when the subject of possibly adding another little mouth to our dinner table erupted.

I say erupted because it's a subject about which 3-year-old G. has become very passionate:

John: "Would you like to have another brother?"

G.: "No ... I already haaaave a brother. I like E."

John: "We're not going to get rid of E. Would you and E. like to have another brother?"

G: "No."

John: "How about a sister?"

G: "Is Katie going to give us a sister?"

Insert crickets chirping here as John and I stare at each other, lost in utter confusion.

Me: "Who's Katie?"

G: "Katie, who lives in the Earth. Is she going to give us a sister?"

John: "Who's Katie? How do you know her?"

G: "She lives in the Earth and she gives people sisters! Mommy, remember?"

Insert more crickets and maybe a little wind as we continue to be lost at the turn in the conversation.

Me: "Where did you see Katie?"

G: "On your computer. When all the building fell down and smashed people's houses. Katie ... from the Earth. She has sisters who need brothers and mommies and daddies."

And then it all clicked, though John looked at me hopelessly confused and desperately wishing he knew what on Earth G was thinking.

Me: "You mean Haiti, G.? You still want a sister from Haiti?"

G: "Yeah, remember when the buildings fell down and you told me that some girls and boys didn't have any mommies and daddies anymore and we saw pictures on your computer from Katie?"

Me: "You mean Haiti."

G: "Yeah, Katie, from the Earth."

We had a good laugh about G.'s word mix up, though John and I were admittedly a little stunned at our boy's memory and his apparent heart for those children who are now motherless and fatherless.

Hours later, as my sweet boys slumber in their bed, G.'s words are still ringing through my ears: "Remember when the buildings fell down and you told me that some girls and boys didn't have any mommies and daddies anymore ..."

Nearly a year after that horrific Earthquake and my 3 year old remembers the needs of the Haitians more readily than the two adults who should.

And though I don't know where God is leading me in these thoughts about adding children to our family and considering the needs of the least of these who are struggling in Haiti as I type, tonight I cannot help but think about a sister from Katie who doesn't have a bed to snuggle into and a mom and dad to kiss her goodnight.

And maybe, right now, my mind and my heart are finally in sync for a reason -- even if it's for none other than to pray.

Seems like, in one way or another, G., my little old soul, is always bringing me to my knees, leading my heart to the feet of my Father when it's strayed.

A blessing through a blessing.