Friday, December 10, 2010

'Twas the Write Before Christmas: Day Five


{Photo by Alita}

1. a song of praise to God.

2. a metrical composition adapted for singing in a religious service

3. to praise or worship in.

I wonder
if she watched
-- amazed --
as your small
hand smeared yogurt across
chubby cheeks
in a first attempt
feed yourself.

If her heart swelled
-- exploded --
inside her chest
as a grin spread
across your face
the moment you realized
your success.

I wonder
if she grinned
-- enthralled --
as you strung your first
sentence together,
made your point clear
as the stars
on a cloudless night.

If her mind expanded,
-- exploded --
at her not-so-baby's
genius the moment
she realized you
were this very little person
with a very big mind.

I wonder
if she sat
in the shadows
of the temples
at which you taught,
in the back row of pews
-- heart amazed --
-- mind exploding --
soul-deep in gratitude
that she knew you.

And that she knew You.

if her ears were ears that heard
not just because she was your mother
but because she knew your
Your Father.

if you worked in her heart
tenfold because you were
her son
her savior.

if she knew
you'd actually be the one
feeding her,
sustaining her,
saving her
the very first day she watched you
smear yogurt across your
chubby cheeks.

I wonder if she
had a glimmer,
a hint,
an inkling
in her mother's heart
that her baby
would save me,
my baby
with the yogurt-smeared
chubby cheeks.

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  1. I love how how you take me inside Mary's world and help me to contemplate what it was like to be His mother... so huge, the idea.

  2. The stanza about her sitting in the temple is my favorite. Very thoughtful post. Thank you!

  3. With each blog post I read of yours, I become more amazed. Honestly, you have a wonderful gift. Thank you for taking me tonight into what she might have felt. While I sit here enjoying some chai tea, I will ponder on these thoughts.

  4. hyacynth, this is beautiful and so powerful. love this part:

    if her ears were ears that heard
    not just because she was your mother
    but because she knew your
    Your Father.


  5. This is awesome and my wonders as well! I was thinking pretty much the same exact thing as I was thinking about Away in the Manger (my favorite Christmas hymn) expressed it beautifully and in a way that we can all relate to! It's so easy to distance ourselves from Mary, this was a great way to remember that we are all so similar!

  6. Beautiful! Sometimes we forget this aspect of both Christ's and Mary's lives. What a wonderful thing to think about.

  7. Well of course you would use Mary as a muse. Are you sure you aren't Catholic? I absolutely adored this. Again, you knocked it right out of the park. I'm in awe of your creative mind Hy. Again, another poem that could be a prayer.

    Loved... LOVED it!

  8. Perfect. The words, the emotion, the truth... all of it is so perfect. You are truly gifted with words. LOVE this!

  9. Wow that was very mind exploding :)

  10. I am in tears.

    I wonder this often as I have been pregnant for 4 Christmas now. What was it like to *know* who this was you were raising. To feel that spirit everyday? Overwhelming.

  11. As a mother for 7 years now and a believer for a few days more than 1 year, this brought tears to my eyes. You have such a talent for reaching in and grasping my heart with your words.

    "...but because she knew Your Father."

    "If she knew you'd actually be the one feeding her..."

    Oh my heart melts at these thoughts.


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