Monday, January 10, 2011

365 Photo Project: Week 19

Shooting indoor photos with a 50 mm lens rather than my standard Cannon lens {an 18-55 EF-S} has been like racing a Mustang instead of a Corolla.

It makes that much of a difference in the picture quality while shooting in low-lighting and while trying to capture things that move really, really fast -- like little boys who switch activities faster than I can blink.

{By the way, Maegan wrote a good post about knowing when to make an equipment upgrade.}

I tackled my photo project this week with zest ... until I felt mastitis coming on full force about mid-week.

Instead of full-speed rushing through the illness and pushing my body, I mentally argued with myself and decided that in keeping with my life-encompassing word for 2011 -- be{ing} {as opposed to doing} -- that I should really listen to my body and just heal.

So a few of my days remain pictureless... and I'm OK with that.

Because this project isn't about perfection; it's about growth and expressing creativity and documenting our days.

And I finally feel like I've found my groove -- less pressure equals more fun and more knowledge and all of that equals better captures.

This 365 Photo Project was inspired by Maegan.