Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 16/17/18

Everyone knows there's a huge time vaccuum-continuum that blurs the days together during the last three weeks of December, right?

I found myself thoroughly enjoying a lot of this


and even some of this.

I decided shortly into the third week of December to just simply be and enjoy the holiday season that I love so much.

Afterall, it so quickly comes and goes.

So I extended grace to myself in all of my creative endeavors during those last few weeks of the month to focus my energy on preparing my heart for Christmas and to simply rest and enjoy my family and God's provisions.

Simply, I needed a break.{One thing biggest lessons I've learned from Maegan is that when something isn't bringing joy, it's time for a break!}

Some days my camera never left its case. Other days it was used simply to capture moments that were quiet family-centered ones. And other days I picked it up when I felt inspired.

Therefore, I definitely don't have a picture for each day. And my pictures for weeks 16, 17 and 18 are even kind of out of order because the days ran together so much.

So though I don't have a perfectly manicured and polished array of pictures from these weeks, I do have wonderful, warm memories of a holiday season well spent enjoying some much-needed quiet family time while soaking up peace and rest.

And I'm happy to share that my break worked wonders; I feel rested and rejuventated. I'm looking forward to continuing my 365 project with a new zest in 2011.

I'll certainly be seeking growth this year as an amateur photographer because I'm taking an in-person photography class {a Christmas gift from my fabulous in-laws} that meets altogether six hours during the month of January.

During those classes and while I shoot my daily photos, I'll be happily honing my skills by using a favorite Christmas gift from a certain thoughtful husband:

My new prime lens -- a 50 mm -- is perfect for capturing potraits of my quick kiddos in low lighting. And excellent at getting them in a picture while they are moving! {see above!}.

And I'll probably get busy snapping quite a few shots of my other favorite present, too.

Yes, that's a parmesan cheese grater {thanks, mom!}.

Sometimes it's the little things in life, right?

Happy captures in 2011, my friends!

Have you started a 365 project? How are you? I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here in the blogosphere, too.