Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 21 and 22

Starting to feel boxed in again with my photo project {mostly because we've been indoors with low lighting and the same old scenery}, I began exploring my photo options.

Because new gear is often expensive and because I just got a prime lens for Christmas, I opted to try and bring some spice into my photographs by changing what I normally capture instead of investing in more accessories.

And then an introduction was made via Twitter and, oh, hello, Instagram for iPhone.

day 146

I'm sure you've heard of it or at least seen pictures taken with Instagram. The filters available at the slide of a finger have transformed some of my humdrum photos and tinted them anew.

Day 145

For a Photoshop newbie, Instragram is an exciting introductory in changing the look of a photo beyond just correcting it.

day 144

But I didn't just use Instagram during these past two weeks; my Canon had a few workouts, too.

Day 143

Day 142

day 141

day 140

day 139

day 138

Day 137

day 136

Days 136 and 137 were from the same session. But how could I not include both of those shots? Those faces are priceless!

day 135

day 134

Moral of the story from the past two weeks: if you feel like you're in a rut, switch it up! There are no rules, so iPhone apps, polaroids and film all count. For me, this project is about the expression, not just the means by which I'm expressing. {Though learning my camera has been oh-so important, too!}

This 365 Photo Project was inspired by Maegan. Join us, if you'd like!