Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Body

Simple BPM

Another suspected {and later confirmed} bout of mastitis sent me tailspinning straight back to bed this morning despite an overflowing Thursday schedule.

Exhausted, I snuggled up with my youngest, pulling the flannel sheets high, over my shoulders.

He easily fell into slumber as he nursed, nursed, nursed, and amid the quiet, white noise of the fan I pondered the reality of the situation: I wasn't caring for myself very well.

I knew yesterday my body was telling me to slow down, get to bed early and take it easy.

Buuuuutt, I'd reasoned, I just came off of a long weekend of extra sleep and little committments: I couldn't be that tired.

I went on with my daily routine, daily committments, caring for my boys' needs, fulfilling my chores.

And woke up this morning to find that I couldn't make myself move if someone offered me a winning lottery ticket.

Powering through yesterday actually threw me further off schedule than if I would have slooooowwed down and listened. Because at our doctor's suggest, I'm on bedrest until tomorrow so as to try and fend off the infection, as {apparently} mastitis is brought about by complete exhaustion, he said.

So I've had lots of time to sleep and think today. And in between the sleeping, as I looked around my messy house, I realized ...

There's always six more dishes to wash.

And two or three more meetings to attend.

And ten more toys to pick up.

And 14 more phone calls and emails to answer.

But I've only got one body that can do it.

So I simply have to learn to listen when it's reached capacity instead of powering through, trying to get just a few more things done.

Because my body has other little bodies that depend on it.

Because my body is a gift for which He intended me to care.

Because my body deserves the simple respect of rest and recuperation.

And because my body is part of His bigger Body.

And it's impossible to be His hands and His feet when they are simply too exhausted to move.

{And on that note, I'm heading back to bed.Have you found the Bigger Picture through a Simple Moment this week? Link up with Sarah.}