Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Revolution

At the height of the witching hour {4:30 in the afternoon when the whining and crying peaks}, my living room morphs into a thumping, jumping dance party.

A dance party without rhythm {mostly}.

Without singing in the right key {often}.

Without knowing all the words {frequently}.

We turn the volume up really loud, speakers switched to surround sound, curtains wide open and let the music flow through our veins.

We sing. Not because we love the song, but because we love to sing.*

We dance. Not because we move swiftly, deftly, but because our bodies feel the beat of the bass drum vibrating through our cores.

We laugh. Not just because we look and feel silly but because there's a freedom, a peace offered in the reckless abandon of rules and etiquette, a little-experienced pleasure in simply enjoying the perfectly imperfect bodies we've been given.

And, low and behold, it's not just a winter dance party in the living room.

It's a revolution.

*Lyrics from Copeland's You Love to Sing.

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  1. YES!!!!!

    I had the Human League (so I'm an 80's queen I can't help it) blarin "Don't YOU want me" LOUD today. The boys were kicking up their feet and jumping in the air. The air in our lungs was not just from the exercise but from the pure J-O-Y we felt dancing around and singing out of key LOUDLY! :)) What a fun revolution to have!

  2. How fun! I love moments like, especially when they just happen spontaneously.

  3. What fun, no images needed...your description of the revolution is clear in my mind...I know I've done that before!A Simple and Fun moment!

  4. What is it about 4:30? Do the planets align and sprinkle crazy in the little one's heads? Come on SPRING!

  5. At my house it's 5pm, and I've learned Z somehow picked up my love of old punk rock. Nothing more entertaining then hearing him state "this is my other favorite song!!" when Neds Atomic Dustbin or Material Issue starts on my pandora channel :)

  6. OH, I bet your kids love it!! I think I should try something the same. I have danced in the living room with them before (they all laugh at me), but I think it should be more often. Sometimes, I forget that life shouldn't be serious all the time. We have to make time for fun once in awhile. Good post today, thanks for the reminder.

  7. love me some living room dance parties :)

  8. I love dance parties with my kids. They get so into it, and then they see how happy it makes everyone else, and then they get more into it. High-larious!

  9. I remember those days so well--Our favorite tune was from the Forest Gump soundtrack--Land of a 1000 Dances. We sure had a lot of fun :)


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