Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everyday Life: Reasoning skills

Lately, we've found that our 3 year old's reasoning skills have become increasingly, well, skilled.

Exhibit A:

I give you the Let's Go Fishin' game.

At first glance, it may seem like a normal fishing game.

But look closely.

"Oh!" you might gasp {or plainly you just might think}, "each fish is missing an eye."

When asked why most of the fish are only sporting one eye, G. exclaimed:

"Because I wanted them to be pirate fish who don't do anything!"

That's right; he peeled the eyes off of almost every single fish.

Duh. Because, mommy, didn't you know fish can only have one eye to be considered pirates?

Thanks, Veggie Tales. We now have a fish-eye graveyard inside the pond.

My 22-year-old sister, Jill, who lives with us has quite a, erm, unique sense of humor.

She's quite funny most of the time, but sometimes she comes up with things that don't make any sense at all.

Like when she refers to me as homegirl. {So ... did I ever tell you we grew up in a cornfield ...?}

Anyway, G. doesn't appreciate her nickname for me, and he often corrects her, telling her that she shouldn't call me something that isn't my name.

So you'll note my surprise at the following conversation, which I will call Exhibit B.

The boys and I were eating breakfast after John and Jill each left for their respective jobs.

G. looked at the empty seats and deducted that something was amiss from our normal seating arrangement.

"Who is missing from that chair and that chair?" he asked.

"Well," I questioned, "who normally sits next to you?"

"I think that would be homegirl."

I snorted the milk in my cereal out of my nose but before I could answer, he calmly continued, "And the other chair is for homeboy ... or homedaddy ... You call him John."


Exhibit C:

One morning while G. was in his Sunday school class, a woman came into his classroom to sing songs with the kids.

She was directing the children to different places in the room, so as to engage in some interactive singing.

"Ok," she'd said. "All the girls stand over on this side of the room. And all of the boys stand over on this side of the room."

Apparently, our son remained seated on the carpet while all of his classmates dispersed to their designated areas.

Confused, the singing lady asked our oldest, "Why didn't you stand up with the boys, G.?"

"Because," he answered. "I'm not a boy; I'm a cucumber."

Again, thank you, Veggie Tales.