Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Virtual Coffee 4 and 365 Photo Project: Week 20

It's been a good month or so since we've had virtual coffee, so I'm glad to be back together, catching up.

I'm drinking almond oolong tea this frigid morning. If we were together in person, as you were pulling your winter boots off and removing the layers and layers of winter gear after walking through the door, I'd offer you the same.

As the tea pot was warming the water, I'd ask how you're faring this frigidly cold, snow-covered day. We'd most likley commisserate about the cold and then express our deepest thankfulness for play dates.

And then I'd share with you that the boys and I have come to the point in winter where we're ready for one thing and one thing only: Florida.

We've played in the snow.

We've pretended the bathtub is a swimming pool for the dozenth time.

Games have been opened. And played. And played some more.

Movies have been viewed over and over. And then over again.

The children have run in circles around the house and delighted in that freedom so often the novelty of running indoors has worn and it's become old hat. And poor swamp dog has become more than tired of this old game. And though we're trying really, really hard to find the joy inside our houseand not utter the B word, we're feeling the winter blahs start to creep in.

And there's only one thing that cure the winter blahs that set in during icy Januarys in Chicago ... escaping to the sunshine state. We leave in two and a half weeks for a few weeks of fun and sun with my grandparents in sunny Fort Myers {while my hubby, poor sister and swamp dog hold down the fort at home and at Curves}.

Before we end our time together, though, I'm sure you'll notice that we have a new addition growing in our family atop the kitchen table.

Our onion sprouted. I think it's growing green onions. Hubby thinks it's just growing period. I haven't wanted to throw it away because 1. I like green onions and 2. It's kind of a fun thing to see what the onion is doing each new day ... I told you boredom was creeping in here!

What are you doing to escape the winter blahs? Please dish. Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday. And if you'd like to read more virtual coffees or link your own, visit Amy sometime today! {Her button below will take you straight to her site.}


{All photos in today's virtual coffee post are part of my 365 Photo Project inspired by Maegan.}