Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everyday Life: On the cusp

Tonight my mind is dancing along the thin line between vacation and home.

Suitcases are being packed and prepared for our flight tomorrow morning {10:35 a.m. CST, if you feel so inclined to pray}.

Long pants and favorite sweatshirts are laid out for the wear during our travels home to snowy Chicago, though when we walk out the door in the morning, the sky will boast sunshine and warm gulf breezes will sift through my hair.

I straddle enjoyment of our last day filled with walks and time together and swimming and ice cream eating juxtaposed against comforting thoughts of arriving home, snuggling down deep under flannel sheets, my body cuddled up against my husband instead of being sandwiched in between two small children.

My heart swells at the sight of my boys gleefully giving my grandparents, their great grandparents kisses goodnight while simultaneously looking forward to the huge football tackles John's parents and my sister will receive from our small, excitable linebackers.

And my mind, my mind wanders back and forth between trusting God with my deepest fears brought on by flying and not trusting Him.

And my soul, anchored by His mighty hands, His promises, stirs, whispers that while I'm on the cusp of vacation and reality in so many ways -- my mind can rest in the traveling between the two.

Because He is good all of the time.

His promises are not circumstantial.

Nor is His character.

And that's something in which I can find rest.

{I welcome your prayers for a safe, smooth flight and a calm, peaceful heart. Please and thank you.}