Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everyday Life: The very moment

The very moment we walked through the door to our house I sighed relief.

Two weeks is a long time to be away.

I relished in the simple comfort of home: a big comfy rocking chair that belonged to my dad, unscented hand soap, my favorite tea cup.


The little things.

My wonderful in-laws transported us from the airport, helped carry all of our luggage inside and fed us pizza and romped with our kiddos while we caught up on life.

And those-not-so little things.

Around 6 p.m., an hour before normally scheduled bedtimes, the boys clamoured up the stairs without prompting and wandered into our room. I crawled into bed, sank my body into our woolen mattress and exhaled one of those deep, long, satisfying breaths.

Before I could pull the sheets over my feet, two little bodies were scaling the side of our bed, pulling themselves atop the mattress with all their muscle power while laughing and squealing.

John snuck in next to me and the boys took turns stealing kisses from us {G.'s new game} and engaging each other in pillow fights as we giggled and we talked and we remembered our really wonderful vacation.

Those priceless things.

I had mourned the end of vacation as we exited the plane, stepped into the chill of Chicago cloaked in grey clouds and fine mist. I had missed my grandparents at my grandma's very first hello when I called her to say we'd landed safely. And I sighed at the thought of John returning to work Monday.

But that very moment, in the echos of the laughter and conversation in our big, warm bed, I was thankful for where we were.

Right there. Right then. End of vacation. Home again. Back to the routine.

Cold rain pounding on the window, toes freezing from the late winter chill whipping through bare trees, boys slap-happy and drunk off of pizza and sunshine and grandparents and dessert every night and now mommy and daddy snuggling them in their old digs.

In that very moment.

{So our plane didn't fall out of the sky or get sucked up by a black hole or crash into the mountains {??}, but we certainly had an adventure! More later about that, but right now -- thanks for praying for my heart during our flight and for our safe travels. I'm feeling so blessed at the promises of prayers uttered on my {our} behalf. God is good. So is your friendship.}