Friday, February 11, 2011

Five-minute Friday: And then some

My arms are full.

A toddler anxiously squirms in one as a preschooler sinks his weight into the other while resting his head on my shoulder.

My heart feels full, too; it swells with love for these two boys and their father, these beautiful lives with which I've been gifted to walk alongside.

But there's this space.

There's this tiny pocket buried in between all of these blessings that's just so ready, so willing to be overtaken, totally consumed.

And sometimes I wonder, even with my full arms and full heart, if there's someone I have yet to meet.

Though I don't know where we'd even physically put another small body in the car or in our bed or in our schedules or even in my arms, I cannot silence this one thought ...

maybe that little pocket remains {though it could so easily be overtaken by the swelling joy of these loves I already know} because there's another set of eyes, hands, feet with whom I'm yet to be acquainted that would fit perfectly inside.

And grow into the others, sealing the space perfectly.

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