Friday, February 25, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Five Years Ago

Five years ago, I could talk to my dad on the phone.

I could essentially predict the second his Sunday phone call would make my phone buzz.

We would talk about my pending career change from journalism to education.

He thought my switch foolish.

I'd tried to explain that I just couldn't do journalism. I wasn't cut out for it.

And he'd tell me that I would never really walk away from writing.

That it was in my blood.

And did I really want to throw in the towel?

Did I really want to quit?

Five years ago, I didn't want his opinions.

His ideas.

His words.

Sometimes I'd let the phone ring and ring and ring, go to voicemail just to avoid the lively career debate.

Nearly one year ago, I watched him fade away, like a burning fiery sunset slowly creeps into the horizon.

And, now, I'd jump at the ringing of a telephone to hear his opinions, his ideas, his words.

But five years later, instead, I just replay them in my mind. And I write them out loud onto the page. Because I never could get away from those words.

And that's time, friends.

Every week, Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama encourages her readers, writers like me, to abandon all cares of editing, revising and worrying and just write for five minutes straight.

So I did.

Well, actually, I wrote for seven minutes not five. Because I think this needed to come out. So I'm going with it.

{I'm a rule breaker when fueled by perfectionism ... think that's in my blood as much as the words.}

I encourage you to stop by her place, read and then write your heart out for five minutes. Might be surprised at what comes out.