Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preschoolerisms: Frog legs, anyone?

Another round of the very best preschoolerisms ...

John to G.: "Does you throat hurt?"

G: "No. Why?"

John: "It sounds like you have a frog in your throat, like your voice is scratchy."

G: "That's just the way I talk, daddy!"


G: "And I would never eat a frog! ... Do people really eat frogs?

Me, laughing: "It's just an expression people say when your voice sounds funny."

G: "Well, it's not a 'spression I say! Eating frog legs is gross!"

While packing for our car trip to Florida ....

Me: "Come on, G., put your toys in the bag. It's going to be a long car ride, and you'll want those toys."

G: "But I don't want to drive to Florida. I want to fly there!"

Me: "We don't have tickets to fly there."

G: "I have moneys in my bank. Come on, mom. I won't barf on daddy this time. I promise!

While driving through the rocky hill country that is Chattanooga, Tennessee ...

G: "Stop driving bumpy, grandma! I'm trying to do some serious playing, people!"


Stay tuned. There's about 70 or so more ramblings I've caught wind of during our road trip to Florida during the past two days. But, I'm le tired. Because traveling with two small children and a dedicated {?} driving partner makes for exhausting times. So a jovial prescription about how to survive such a trip will have to wait until said trip is completed ... hopefully, tomorrow afternoon when we're slated to arrive in Fort Myers, Florida.