Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Virtual Coffee: Seven {Week 25 365 Photo Project}

You know, there's nothing quite like having coffee or tea with friends after the kiddos are tucked into their warm beds.

I'm drinking a steamy mug of almond oolong tonight, and if we were together in person, I'd already have a cup brewing on the counter for you. Because I'm positive you would need it simply to warm up your hands with all the ice and snow going on outside my front door.

day 168

But I swear spring isn't far off. No, I'm not suffering the ill effects of delusion from too much Florida sun ... I just feel like spring is near.

day 163

For one, I heard two birds singing sweetly back and forth to each other when I let the dog out yesterday morning.

And also, I've been on an organizing and cleaning binge {not nesting or pregnancy-induced} since arriving home Sunday after an airplane ride that could have been broadcast on YouTube and filed under ridiculous and preposterous featuring my dynamic duo.

Day 165

You really want to know the details? Well, let's just say that as soon as the captain turned on the fasten seat belts sign after two hours of smooth sailing, which is when my palms normally get sweaty and I need to start doing my Lamaze breathing coupled with copious amounts of prayer, my alligator-pond toting compadre, G., announced rather loudly that he had to go to the bathroom.

day 166

And because 17-month-old E was just not having the whole sit-still-on-mommy's-lap thing and had taken on the tendencies of a miniature linebacker complete with headbutting, I opted to take G. to the bathroom and leave John to wrangle the babiac {which, yes, is a combination of the words baby and maniac. And yes, when he is doing he craziness, I sing to him "he's a baaaaabiac, baaaaaaabiac on the floor. And he's thrashing like he's never thrashed before." Which I find hilarious but no one else ever does because, you know, the toddler is flinging his body fish-out-of-water style all over the living room floor and making squawking dying bird noises at the same time.}

day 167

Day 170

Day 169

He looks so innocent, doesn't he? Don't let the still lifes fool you. He is, indeed, a babiac.

So, anyway, the plane ride -- I decide to take G to the bathroom. And the plane is just bump, bump, bumping right along. And G.'s giggling about the turbulence and I'm trying not to toss my cookies while uttering the Lord's prayer under my breath.

I ask G to stand up on the potty and aim, which he does. And I'm pretty confident that I'll be back in my seat and buckled safely into the confines of my seat belt shorty when my 3 year old says,

"You know, mommy, I didn't tell yooooouuu I had to go potty; I told daddy."

I acknowledge this truth.

"And I didn't tell him I had to pee."

"You didn't?" I ask.

"Nope." he said. "I told him I have to poooop."

Oh, sweet Jesus, help me now.

So I help situate G on the potty in the tiny airplane lavatory and encourage him to make it a quick one.

But he can't, he says.

The poops are stuck.

Meanwhile, he's doing his best to get them "unstuck" while his tiny tush is bouncing all over, and I'm still trying not to hyperventilate as I'm bracing my own body against the sink and the wall.

After a few minutes of trying, I feel the plane begin it's initial descent, I declare the bathroom break an epic poop fail and tell him our plane is landing so could he puuuulease hold it until we get to the airport.

"Of course, I can, mommy." he declares. "They are stuck anyway!"

I wish, of course, that he would have decided this before I smashed my body up against the germ-infested bathroom walls. But ceste la vie.

We head back to our seats, much to the chagrin of the back-of-the-plane passengers who had deemed our bathroom scenario as far better entertainment than the in-flight television, where I pray for the reminder of the flight as we descend upon Chicago through thick cloud cover and rain. But we land safely, and I praise God for helping us arrive safely and poop and puke free, which my handsome hubby probably was giving praise for since he was the one who ended up shirtless on our flight home last year.

day 164

So, well, enough about me. Really, seriously.

How are you? Are you feeling like spring is just right around the corner? What's been on your mind lately?

As our tea time draws to an end, I'd thank you for listening to my traveling stories and ask you if I could be praying for anything specific. And I'd hope you'd share with me if I could.

Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week. And if you'd like to have coffee with others, head over to Amy's place today.


Also, my photos are part of my 365 Photo Project inspired by Maegan.