Monday, February 14, 2011

Virtual Coffee: Six {And weeks 23 and 24 of my photo project}

It's amazing what one thousand miles can do.

We went from this

day 148

day 149

Day 150

Day 152

to this. And it's been wonderful.

day 160
But I've missed the comforts of home.

day 151

And being among friends, like when I am at home. So thanks for having coffee with me today. I guess that's one of the coolest things about blogging -- you can sorta take your friends with you where ever you go. I say sorta because weather doesn't transfer through the internet {sorry, northern friends!}.

The boys have been having fun exploring every crevice of my grandparents' condo here in Fort Myers.
day 154
And they've enjoyed in indulging in treats they normally are not allowed to touch.

day 153
And my grandparents have been eating up the boys' soft, chubby cheeks. I love watching them interact.
day 155
We've seen many of the sights, including the manitees on one of the cooler mornings here in sunny southwest Florida. G. insisted they were hippos. We stopped arguing after about ten minutes and let him think what he wanted.
Day 156
And during a not-so-sunny days, we explored the inside of the Imaginarium. G. was absolutely captivated by the alligators, which was actually most of his reason for wanting to come to Florida in the first place. So I'm glad we didn't disappoint.
day 157
Other days we've spent playing at the parks, enjoying the warmer weather.
Day 158

day 159

day 161

Day 162

All in all, it's been a pretty fabulous trip as far as fun in the sun goes. But I suspect as the days creep closer to the end of our trip, we'll all be ready to head back to normalcy.

So please, tell me; how have YOU been? {If you've written something during the past week and a half that's been close to your heart, will you leave a link for me in the comments? I've not been getting around like normal, and I want to catch up. :)}

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All photos are part of my 365 photo project inspired by Maegan at Madeline Bea.