Wednesday, March 30, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 28 and 29

Sniff, sniff. I think this might be my last photo of a messy E eating yogurt ... because lately he's been using his spoon with such precision. Another milestone met; be still my ponding-mama heart. day 188 One thing I've especially loved about this 365 Photo Project is the visual daily documentation of life. day 189 Each week the pictures continue the story of my little family. day 190 And the story of life beyond our four walls, too. day 191 And though I've struggled some weeks to keep up. day 192 And I've pondered, perhaps, abandoning my journey day 193 the story that's been captured isn't finished Rainy sunday so I continue pulling out my camera day 195 and snapping and shooting day 196 and editing and watermarking away day 197 because my words only can tell so much about where we've been day 198 where we've walked together day 199 where I've tread in my own heart. Day 200 These pictures aren't worth a thousand words. day 201 They are worth so many more. day 202 Because they tell the story of us in the words only a camera can capture, in only the way a mind's eye can remember. These pictures are not in exact order -- only a general one -- because when I take two weeks to edit and post, I cannot figure out the order. Also, a few were taken the same day during different shoots to catch up from days I missed. I'm relaxed like that ... because it's my project. But it was inspired by Megan at Life Set to Words. ;)