Monday, March 28, 2011

Community: Deep and Wide

It’s a rainy Sunday morning, and we’re splashing through puddles while trying to dodge fat drops of rain. We’re late, per normal, which is seemingly part of life with two small boys. As we rush into the church building, we quickly greet those standing in the foyer before hurriedly dropping off the kids in their Sunday School classrooms; we then scurry into the sanctuary, where we take our seats, two in a sea of hundreds of faces. The service lures my soul into rest, fills me with passion for such a wonderful Maker. But there’s a deep longing resounding in my heart after the service ends – one that desires to remain in communion with Him through being in communion with His people, be a part of the Body … because the body part I feel we most closely resemble these days are feet, quickly ushering us toward the kids’ classes and then out the front doors of the building, so as to drive two hungry, tired children home ...

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