Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everyday Life: On a day

On a day* when the boys were literally climbing the walls {and the dining room table}

And there weren't enough prayers or enough almond oolong tea in all of the free world to bring mama to that calm place where she was still classified as legally sane

And the sun was hiding behind thick clouds but the temperature breached the freezing mark

And every single toy had been abandoned

And the toddler whined for two consecutive hours while sprawled pathetically across the living room carpet

Mama lost it.

And she dressed the boys in whatever weather-appropriate gear she could find in the five seconds before she dove off the deep end in a pool of impatience and frustration.

And she shuffled little feet in big boots out the back door to greet the semi-frozen, semi- swampy terrain that is the backyard come early March.

Though hands were cold, noses colder, two small smiles warmed her.

"When is spring going to be here, mom?" the oldest asked.

"As soon as all of the snow and ice melt for good," the mama answered as she took advantage of the 40-degree temperature, perfect for rinsing out garbage cans.

Smiles gave way to squeals of laughter and giggles as the boys found a semi-frozen chunk of ice mixed with slush floating in a sled still resting on the patio.

And then --Thunk. Thuuuunk. THUNK.

She turned toward her small children, weary as to what they could be destroying.



"What are you doing?" she asked, half amused, half concerned.

"I'm making spring, mommy!" the oldest declared! "See the ice is all going away!"


She nodded and laughed, and in that moment spring began in places other than just the back yard.

*Lived out and written yesterday, Monday, March 7